National Drive-It Day 30 April 2017

You may well see some interesting vehicles on the roads tomorrow…

Our Perigueux mob is off to the St Emilion region…yippee… (trying to stay positive despite the threatened wild-weather )

For anyone interested… check this site to find out what is organised in your area…it has an interactive map and calendar…

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We had a wonderful day out yesterday… despite the storms. The bad weather was expertly timed (or so it seemed). A bit breezy and a little drizzle when we were walking, but no problems as everyone was suitably clad.

The torrential rain lashed down while we were eating at la Terrasse Rouge… thankfully inside and NOT on the terrace :wink: and we watched the furled umbrellas bending in the wind. Lightning and thunder rolled… and folk mumbled apprehensively about the promised hail storm… Phew, someone was definitely on our side, as no hail descended and our beloved cars remained unscathed. With every thunder crack…we flinched … and poured another glass to boost our courage for the next part of the tour…:innocent:

Finally emerging, as the storms subsided… we found our cars were covered with blossoms and leaves, but no damage as such. Although at least one soft-top owner did find the seats a bit soggy… as the wind had forced the rain horizontally through the gaps. But this was accepted with a dismissive shrug…“c’est une anglaise. c’est normale”…(hmmm, soggy backsides have never been normal as far as I am concerned.)

As is normally the case… we were the only 2 non-french taking part… with a gaggle of around 40 french pals, who make no language concessions whatsoever…:confused: this really keeps us on our toes.

Anyone out there who wants to improve their french… I would say… this is the way to do it.

Hi Mat…

Great idea indeed… nothing beats talking with the vigneron, seeing the vines… hearing all about the process… and then glugging and possibly buying…:smiley:

We were due to have a vineyard tour… but that part of the itinerary got changed at the last minute due to the horrendous weather conditions… (as that particular bit would have involved us driving and parking our cars on swamped ground… :fearful: )

There are so many great places to visit… almost spoilt for choice…:wink: We stuck with the main parts of our Day Out… with the visits thankfully, under cover (for us, not the cars) … and, on one occasion, 7 metres underground…:smiley: