Native English speaker Wanted - Bordeaux

Hi all
On behalf of a very good friend, I’m looking for a native English speaker to help a 7 and 9 year old improve their English. Obviously the kids have school so the parents are looking for someone who is available on Wednesdays and /or Saturdays. The family live in Gradignan.
If you are interested or know someone who might be, please let me have your contact details and I will pass them on. Thanks!

Hi there

My name is Illana, I am a South African living in Bordeaux. I’m interested, if you wouldn’t mind passing my contact details on to your friend. My number is 06 58 68 67 49.

I can provide you with some background on myself if you’d like, I currently work for myself and have taught English before to both kids and adults.

Looking forward to hearing from you, kind regards
Illana Martin

Thank you very much - I have passed your details on! X

Hi Catharine

I’ve got a new mobile number as my phone died this weekend, please could you forward this one to your friend: 0658823266 or alternatively email me on

Thanks a mill :slight_smile: