Native English speakers in Industry


This is a question that was raised on a course I am doing.

There are many teachers of English who like me teach for the TOEIC exam. In some companies people need to get a high score to rise in the ranks and become mangers. So I understand that speaking English is a necessity to be in the upper hierarchy of a company. I haven't ever seen a native English speaker with excellent French language skills in a high position in a French business.

Please don't think I am saying there should be or shouldn't be. It is just a question of are there any.

Have you seen or heard of any?



et voilà ! j'en connais deux ;-)

Je suis Cadre :D

Like you, Kerry, I've trained people for the toeic and other professional exams for the CCI, in companies and industry, and at an IUT but in all the companies I've taught in, I've hardly ever come across an anglophone cadre. The only one I've heard about is at Rodez airport (via the CCI).