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As many of you might know, Mr. H and I are very concerned about what we put into our bodies. He can’t eat anything that contains lactose or gluten and once we started checking labels, we realised just what a load of old junk goes into most processed foods and as a result, we now avoid them like the plague.

The same goes for what we put onto our bodies. I’ve got really sensitive skin and we tend to only ever opt for products that are 100% natural.

So I was delighted to be sent a selection of samples from the Skin Yoga range. The products are frangrance free, preservative free, paraben free, cruelty free and vegan and contain ingredients like sundried orange, sugar, turmeric, sesame oil, coconut oil, sea salt, marigold petals and saffron. They sound good enough to eat and smell like it too!

I tried the coffee body scrub which was excellent. I’m a bit of a coffee scrub fan ( it has excellent anti-cellulite properties) and this one worked a treat. The fresh orange body scrub left my skin soft and glowing and feeling really nourished. I loved the anti-aging and hydrating saffron and sandalwood face mask and my skiing certainly looked a lot happier afterwards. It is also a testament to the quality of the ingredients that I was able to leave the mask on for the recommended 10-15 minutes without suffering an adverse reaction which is usually the case.

Last of all I tackled the marigold foot soak which I used last week after a day at the beach, as apparently marigold flowers have excellent cooling properties and the soak is highly recommended for sun exposed skin. Again, it was a lovely product to use.

They are not the cheapest on the market but if you are looking for totally natural high quality skincare products then you will be delighted with the Skin Yoga range. And, the best part is that you can try sample sized products for a very reasonable price and make sure that you are absolutely happy with your choice before you buy the full size version. Check the whole range out at

sounds interesting… thanks Catherine…

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I hope when I’m finally settled in France that I can obtain affordable natural products. With all due respect, might other folks post options here, for obtaining natural skincare products?

SkinYoga products sound lovely. I do have my own recipes and a plan to create my own essential oil extracts…for my own use.

On another note, I’d like to mention two favorite companies for natural products and herbal information. A favorite site focusing more on herbal education, is The Herbal Academy, out of Massachusetts USA.

Avena Botanicals is a great source for skincare and herbal products:

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