Natural swimming ponds and conventional pools

I thought it may be fun to have a discussion on the natural swimming pools/ponds and peoples views compared to traditional swimming pools.

I have always been interested in natural pools and attended a few seminars etc. They are considered more beautiful by some and others like me regard them with a few cautions. We know a conventional swimming pool has sterile water so we know it's safe. It's difficult to have the same assurances when relying on the plants etc for cleaning the water. This point maybe especially important if you rent your property to paying guests. What assurances could you give in that situation, it's got to safe if the public are to use it.

The other question is on the landscaping issue. Personally I think the installers of natural pools are much cleverer with the look of the whole thing and the intergration into the surroundings make it look well, more natural. The hard formal designs of most swimming pools by comparrison make them stick out of the landscape especially with their common blue liners. (other colours are available!)

If you look at a natural pool that is more a swimming pool formal design, they too lose that relaxing natural look to me and in essence you have a pool which isn't necessarily as safe as a conventional pool but also doesn't look as welcoming as a natural pool would.

Interested in others opinions.

I’m trying to find information on a natural swimming pool in France but my finding anything.

We are hopi g to build a house and pool in the coming year and I really don’t want chlorine.

Can you recommend anyone to do the work?
And have you one yourself?

Google baignade naturelle, piscine naturelle etc. I am considering converting mine.


Sometimes it takes a lot to find the right phrase for Google to get what you are looking for.
Once you find it you wonder why it took so long.


We went to look at a natural pool when we were considering having our own pool.
If you want to swim with frogs, then OK.
You still have maintenance with a natural pool and it can be more difficult to do as you have to keep the margins clear as well.
We decided it wasn’t for us.

We are frogs :grin: but yes I know what you mean - we don’t mind :blush:

I’m not much of a swimmer but the idea of swimming with frogs is heavenly, and it might improve my style to copy theirs. I have a similar build. I imagine they can be quite tickly up close, great fun. All those tiny plopping sounds too.

We have a frog cartoon in our loo. It was on the Quay at St Malo to greet us off the ferry. Very cute, and culturally sensitive. The badge reads “Sorry about 1066”. Isn’t that nice? Ribbit Ribbit.


We thought it would put our youngest daughter coming over, but she still doesn’t come.

The trouble with frog legs is that they kick the peas off the plate!


Hahahahahaha @Jane_Williamson :smiley:

All this talk of frogs legs? Personally I’d prefer a good roast dinner. Beef maybe seems a bit cannibal for some reason though.

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You have probably read up on natural pools by now but don’t dismiss a chlorinated pool out of hand. Natural pools normally require an additional planted area equal to the pool as the regeneration zone. There are options for sophisticated filters but as yet I haven’t seen proof the they can destroy pathogens sufficiently quickly to prevent them growing and spreading. Particularly if the property was rented to paying guests.