Navigo Travel Card for long sejour but living on an airbnb

Hey everyone!

I will move to Paris in the next week. I am going with a passeport talent (long séjour) and I’ll be living in an Airbnb for the first couple of months until I rent a place of our own.

I wanted to get a Navigo Travel Card, but it requires a proof of residence. Do you think it’s possible to get the card while I don’t have a rented place?

Thank you!

You can get the monthly cards easily online with no proof of address.

To get an annual card yes you need a bank account, and an address linked to the bank account as you have to set up a direct debit. Do you have one? You also have to get a photocard.

Do you know what your travel arrangements will be and which zones you will need? As it might be that you are better served by getting a monthly card that you can change easily. The saving on an annual card is that you get a 13th month free, otherwise same cost as monthly. And with only a 12 month visa this may not be of much use to you!

This should help

Thanks so much, JaneJones and Wozza :slight_smile:

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