Nearly there

(John Alcock) #1

OK so I may as well jump in and introduce myself, my love affair with France started back in the late 70s when I first brought my kids to France on holiday after persuading my then wife that we could go elsewhere other than Blackpool with her mum and dad three weeks in France sealed it for me, that was where I wanted to go, jump forward 10 years , now minus the wife and all my savings for a life in France , but I had my children so we started to travel more into France beyond the tourist hot spots eventually both kids decided it was un cool to holiday with dad so I started to do what I have always wanted to do ,tour France on my motorcycle, what a fantastic time I had seeing every Department, every area eventually meeting my second wife who also came with me, came on board with the idea of now retiring to France, eventually after searching for 5 years finding the house that gave us what we both wanted in the Tarn just outside the town of Mazamet, the previous owner was Spanish and on inspection there appeared to be very little that needed doing to the house oh how wrong we were and how good the previous owner was at covering up the problems, 7 years later we are getting there, still not living permanently in France waiting for our uk house to be sold but renovation is now a word we know well, my grandson loves the house and the area and calls it his second home come the school holidays we cant keep him away.