Need a caravan for! & Anyone want a vintage caravan?

Is anyone selling a cheap caravan? Or a trailer tent?

The prices here are nuts aren’t they? I keep seeing caravans for sale for €400 that I wouldn’t put chickens into.

I do miss just being able to do stuff quickly and cheaply. It’s definitely a maze of regulatory compliance in France as far as towing goes.

I’ve been offered temporary work here on a campsite - Yippee :grin: at last!
(having lost 100% of my sales due to brexit and 100% of my event work due to COVID I can’t describe the anxiety)

but I need my own caravan, there’s no accommodation with the job and can I find one for my €750? No. Not on your Nellie.
In the UK I’d be sifting through the options…

While on subject of caravans does anyone want a 1968 Castleton as a renovation project?

Happy belated solstice all :heart:


Oh well done on the job! I’ve just had a contract extension so my stress levels are much better!

quote=“Jo_Blick, post:1, topic:35542”]
While on subject of caravans does anyone want a 1968 Castleton as a renovation project?
Does it have a CG? Where are you?


€1000-1200 seems to be the point for anything OK (old but ok!)

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Can you look around where you live for parked up campers at your neighbours and see if they’ll lend it or rent it? We know a couple of people who have one they use for 3 weeks a year (and not always the summer holidays)…


Good for you!

Is that an indication that your organisation feels they’ll be an extension, or just that there will still be hundreds of people calling to ask where their cards are, even tho’ they have a receipt and don’t need one till October?


I’m SOOOOOO pleased @toryroo … phew…

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Good point we noticed one for rent as we wandered our village walking the dog.

Leboncoin appear to have loads on offer too, prices for rental vary depending on its location.
Unfortunately can’t offer you ours as we have been unable to locate leak for onboard water (storage feeds shower toilet washing facilities) A friend suggested obtaining schematics but no luck so far😔
Good luck with your search & job :blush:

Sorry Jane, I missed your post! They made the decision prior to the rumours of the extension. As you say still lots of concerned people calling as well as people that will be getting ‘we ned more docs’ email after 30/06.

Thanks Angela!

Still looking if anyone is selling yet

I’ve upped my expectations to be spending anything up to €3000. It needs to be under 750kg

A plain box trailer or a cage trailer will do.

Have you thought about building a tear drop van on the chassis of a cheap secondhand trailer.?