Need a French mortgage or would like to re-mortgage your existing property? We can help!

Buying a French property is a long held dream for many people and whether the pound is low or high, huge numbers of British and other overseas buyers are still thinking about investing in French property. Interest rates are low and taking out a mortgage to buy your French residence or holiday home makes a lot of sense; apart from anything else, it could leave you with the necessary cash required to fund the inevitable renovation work!

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If you’re a buyer who would like a mortgage or an existing property owner who would like to re-mortgage but until now, you’ve been deterred by the idea of dealing with the whole application process in French, fear not, once again Survive France has come to the rescue. We’ve found you an English speaking mortgage brokerage service which provides free advice and no broker’s fees.

Bérangère Chabenat works for Spectrum International Mortgages which is part of Spectrum IFA and says “Our aim is to help our clients obtain a mortgage in France as quickly and as simply as possible”. Spectrum are one of the largest independent cross-border, English speaking expatriate financial advisory firms in Europe and have been in existence for well over ten years, with around 50 advisers based across Europe. Their size and independence means that they are not tied to any particular bank, but instead offer completely objective and unbiased advice and will find the mortgage solution that fits your needs.

They will guide you through the process, explaining what will happen and give you a timescale. They will calculate how much you can borrow and explain the bank’s decision making criteria, advise on the difference between fixed and variable rates and the various borrowing options and generally demystify the entire French mortgage process. They offer free advice and you will usually only need to pay the bank application fee, just as you would if you were dealing directly with the bank.

We bought our home using a mortgage broker and I think it makes a lot of sense to use a professional to get you the best possible deal. Bérangère is lovely and approachable and speaks perfect English, so things couldn’t be easier! If you are thinking about buying a French property - Get in touch with Bérangère today

Is anybody else having difficulty contacting Bérangère and/or Spectrum ( with whom I believe Bérangère is associated)? I’ve left 2 telephone messages but no reply, and the e-mail form that appears when I click on the text in the above article that links to Bérangère’ e-mail reply form I get a error message every time I try to send my e-mail.

Let me look in to that Jiles. I’ll get back to you asap

Are you trying via mobile or desktop, mobile looks broken, desktop is working for me. I’ll fix it asap, I can forward your details in the meantime if you like @jiles ?

Same exact problem with the “contact us” link. try to send a note and get error messages. It’s a shame there is no phone number listed in this ad.

Hi, you can contact me at

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You can contact @berangere.chabenat via SF too if you like.

You can contact @berangere.chabenat via SF too if you like.