Need a lift from Eymet to UK by car

Hi everyone,

I am looking for a lift from Eymet to the UK in a couple of weeks time.

I would like to travel by car for the experience and of course will share any expenses that are incurred.

I am good company but am mature enough to know when to shut up and can share the driving as I can drive both sides of the road capably and safely.

I have one large suitcase and one cabin size. Ideally I would like to end up in London or in Manchesterbut if that cant happen then I am happy to commute to either place wherever you drop me.

If you can assist then please write to me at

Many thanks


Unlikey I am afraid as most people are not like me....THEY are totally afraid of spending

time with strangers. In a way I can understand....BUT I HOPE YOU are lucky.

What about a train or a flight?

The guy with the lift fell through...he cant go now till April which is too long so if you hear of anyone driving back in next 2-3 weeks...lemme know.



You and I lived in the same area of lONDON BEFORE YOU MOVED to Australia.

Odd that you were in my village 2 days ago and that you felt we knew each other.

Have a good break from house hunting.

I will KEEP my eyes open around and abouts here

Will ask around...KNOW WHAT YOU WANT;

not an agent but if I can help....

Busy now untill after easter....BUT hire a car when you get back..
have fun

See how SF conects.


My email address is please send me an email and then I can add you to my contact list and hopefully we can connect in the flesh when I come back.

Lovely talking to you


Yes call me...AND come over for coffee you will be welcome


just sent you an email!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAVE we been in touch before? What do you do for work? Maybe this will give you

your answer/mine

Hi Barbara,

Please don't think me rude but have we corresponded before? If we have forgive head is done in with house hunting...if we havent then since we are living fairly about meeting up for a coffee or lunch this week or next? Then I can fill you in on all the goings on.



Not going to London.

But you are living fairly close Gloria...

If you get a moment tell me about your exciting times in Eymet.

Hope that you get your lift....BUT be careful...

Saw your ad on Anglo info.