Need advice on sending money from UK to France please

I'd appreciate advice from anyone who could help me please. From your personal experience,what's the best way to transfer money from a UK bank to a French bank, to optimize bank charges and make sure the fairest exchange rate is applied? Is it safer to go via a highstreet bank or are there other (trustworthy) options which would help save money?

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There are foremostcurrencygroup based in Tring. Adam Wiffen the broker.Banks extortionate rates


Hi James

Sorry, I did not get notification that I had received replies to my query;thanks for your offer and I have been in touch with TorFX but I can't go ahead because I am not at home and I do not have any "paper" bills (nor do I have any at home anyway !) to send as proof of residence.

Because of UK legislation, TorFX cannot accept email/electronic invoices ; the odd thing is that you scan and email your paper bills as proof of residence, but their software can tell the difference between a scan of an original paper bill and and an electronic/email invoice/bill.

So at the moment, and mainly because I was able to satisfy their ID and proof of residential address, it is between Worldfirst and CurrencyFair. (rules are different for companies registered in Ireland : electronic bills are acceptable).

Thanks for everybody's help and advice.

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Currencies Direct

Always correct, and no problems for the last 9 years I have used them!

Get in fast as it is a great rate at the moment !!!

Just compared TransferWise with Currencyfair. Currencyfair had a better rate and only charge €3 no matter how much you send. Same day transfer, actually within hours.

Hi Dominique

We recommend TorFX, I use the regularly too. If you like I can have an account manager contact you to discuss your requirements?

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Hi, I hope this is allowed (ie, a "bump"), but can somebody advise who might be the best broker for a largish amount ? thank

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to : Kwashie Konu

re : For large amounts the big brokers will beat TransferWise rates on demand. And give you a fixed and known exchange rates.

Could you tell me who you mean by "big brokers" ? thanks


I use TransferWise too. I'm very pleased with both the function and the charges. They save by not actually doing currency exchange but effectively a swap. They match your request (e.g. £ to €) to someone going the other way - you swap, and don't deal via currency exchange.

I've initiated a transfer at 11am (€ to £) and the money was in my UK account by 3pm same day. Very impressed.

I think anything over £1000 it is a good idea to shop around.

As the French say "par contre" Transferwise is brill for smaller amounts and if you do via your debit card, it is done within hours.

Shop around you can get them to quote against each other. trwasfer wise don't always give the best deal. I got a better deal last time from First rate FX.

Hi Dawn, TransferWise every time! Each month I transfer around £2000 from my Halifax account to TransferWise with no charges from the Halifax. TransferWise charge 0.5% irrespective of the amount. Most times the transfer reaches my French account within the same day at a good rate. So, its fast and efficient, and compared to the problems I used to have when I trusted the banks ........

Since bringing to their attention feedback on their service, we also have just received in the post, airmail from Estonia, the chocolate bar mentioned by another blogger! Melted rather, from being in the post box for hours in this heat, but personalised, delicious after coming out of the freezer, and brought a big smile to our faces for such a novel way of saying sorry.....a big fat thumbs up for whoever came up with the idea, bless them!!!!


I use Currencyfair. Here is the link The first transfer would be free if you use the link, then they charge only 3 euros however much you send. Excellent rates, same day transfer.

I've started using currencyfair, they offer a good rate and only charge 3€ commision. All on line so you can see what rates are available and very quick, less than 24 hours bank to bank


I found them by chance. Great when I needed to do a quick top up on the UK account - same day.

Try TransferWise.

Stay away from ALL banks and either use a specialist foreign exchange company eg. TorFX or a peer-to-peer operator such as Transferwise (my favourite). The bank's greed is incredible when it comes to foreign transactions