Need an English speaking lawyer

Hello Everybody here,

I have a need of a good English speaking lawyer in France that accepts legal aid. It is just for finalizing a divorce, it could possibly lead to other deals that I may need to sort out latter on, I need legal advice.

a million thanks for the tips and leads.


Dear Elena,

Due to mandatory Court admission rules, you will always need an English-speaking lawyer established in your area. The best way to find one is to ask your Consulate for a list of English-speaking French lawyers, or sometimes the Ordre des Avocats (Law Society) may accept, if you are lucky, to put you in the right direction.

Kind regards,


I did not have any luck with the recommended lawyers, they were nice on the phone but didn’t accept legal aid, that didn’t help. I should have stuck with my first lawyer but she couldn’t come to the first court meeting so canceled on me one week before. My second lawyer is a stuck up B-I-T-C-H. She seems like she doesn’t want to help me properly. I am soo over it. Couldn’t they just be helpful for once? …

Thanks I’ll try him. Do you know if he accepts legal aide?

Hi Elena,

You might try Pierre Dhers who has his office in Castelnau Magnoac, about an hour from Toulouse. If you google him you will find his number and address. He is a really nice guy who speaks excellent english.



I actually called him once before and we chatted he’s very nice and would be great to work with but he doesn’t accept legal aid. I was really disappointed. But thank you Dani for your response.

I’m based near Aix en Provence and spoke with Ronald P. Sokol based in Puyricard when getting divorced (he’s registered with the bar in the US and in France). His phone is 04 92 08 20 and his email is