Need Clarifications/Confirmation Please

Hi everyone,

I have just registered as an Auto-Entrepreneur and received my email confirmation with a file number and saying that I will soon receive by post a detailed confirmation. I am receiving it today and it is giving me a SIREN Nr, and a SIRET Nr - What I am wondering is why at the bottom of the page it says under "Evènement":Réactivation d'une entreprise. Transmise par l'URSSAF.

Is all of the above normal? I am so worried to have given the wrong info when I applied and not being able to get out of it easily.

Thanks for replies and advice.


Thanks very much Catharine. Most useful.


No, I didn't mention my previous activity either, and as I had completely cancelled it I didn't think it would have anything to do with my new activity but apparently a SIREN stays with you (you as a 'personne physique' or 'natural/legal person') for life, the SIRET ending can change though.

I don't think the "réactivation" changes anything whatsoever as far as taxation is concerned.

Thanks for your reply Catharine. After you mentioned it, I did have a business back in 1989 for just a few months. Would they have tracked it down, although I forgot all about it and did not mention it on my AE application? Does that change anything in regards to my newly register business, and taxation?

Thanks for sharing with me what you know on the subject.



Have you ever had a SIREN number before?

I used to have one in 1994, then I stopped my activity; when I started again in 2011 I was given the same SIREN number and on my INSEE certificate it says "reactivation". This might explain things.