Need for architect or town planner to submit any planning application

Hi I am informed that I cannot submit my own planning and building regulation application myself. I am a registered town planner here in England is it correct that I am not allowed to submit my own application.
Also if all the works to my house are internal and I am also just changing the old doors and windows for new do I need approval for that?

Thanks in anticipation

Hi Terry and welcome to the Forum.

Who has told you you will need an Architect ?

The Mairie will advise you whether or not you do need one. It will depend on the size (square metres) of the project.

Discuss your project with your Mairie - someone will be able to advise you which forms you need to submit and how.

  • yes, even just for internal work etc there is a type of request - asking permission for work which does not require permission :upside_down_face: which has to be completed in order that the Maire et al are kept informed and ensures correct property taxes are applied.

If you do need an Architect, the request/dossier will need to be signed by an Architect whose Insurance and Credentials are recognised in France. :zipper_mouth_face: (which makes sense, when you really think about it)

Some properties, you cannot even breathe on without permission :joy::thinking::upside_down_face::wink::wink: (maybe a slight exaggeration)

Hi thanks for that info can you tell me do i also need permission to remove internal ceilings, stud partitions etc as a prep for the work to be done


I took my drawings with measurements and photos to my Maire and his secretary filled in the forms, while the Maire happily improved my designs and then they submitted everything, will add there are no restrictions where I live, but if you have a church nearby it can be more complicated

Every property is so different and it will also depend on where you are living, age of property - all sorts of stuff.

I would never give a blanket “yes, that will be OK” without being fully conversant with the property involved.

The correct advice is to discuss at the Mairie.

They don’t bite, you know… :joy::joy::joy:

Hi Terry,
Do check if you live near a protected building.

My swimming pool (in ground) is less than 100m sq. so I simply submitted myself a declaration of works. Without realising that my property is just on the boundaries 500m from our village Church, which is protected.

Which meant the blue liner was not accepted so a quick change of order to beige was needed (far better) gives a beautiful turquoise effect to the pool.

Also roof tiles, colour of shutters, gates etc… are also regulated if you are within the limits of a protected building, something to bear in mind.