Need help registering your car?

Are you thinking about moving to France? Have you started the process? Or maybe you’ve just arrived?

In any event, there will be masses of (confusing) paperwork to complete, forms to fill in and declarations to be made. And an awful lot of this needs to be dealt with fairly immediately leaving you little time to catch your breath after the big move.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by it all, don’t panic! SF’s resident insurance expert @fabien is now providing even more help to make your life that bit easier!

You might already know that Fabien and his team can insure your car whilst it is still on British plates but they are now able to manage the entire importation process for you, holding your hand at every step of the way AND maybe most importantly, dealing with the famous carte grise. They can also help you obtain your new carte grise should you buy a second hand vehicle in France, thus saving you the stress of trying to navigate the online registration system.

So if you are importing a vehicle or buying a car in France, do yourself a favour and save yourself a lot of time and hassle and give @fabien a call today.