Need help urgently

Hello is there anyone out there that has had a hip operation in the last five years could you would you please contact me urgently 0243112004 TIA

I’m sorry Jane that I don’t know of anyone. I do hope that someone on here can help. If it’s a medical matter and you need advice (unles of course you don’t want to put your private questions here) then maybe just give a few details and someone on here can maybe help…

Where do you live? There may be local English associations that you can ask.

There is a Facebook group called Ladies in France Together (LIFT) I have given the link here, maybe you can join and ask there ?

Hi Ann have got all the help we needed from all over the place in France many good people

So thanks for your help

John & Jane Baxter

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Have just seen this, I had a new hip two years ago so if the OP still needs any help please let me know.

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