Need help with French immigration laws!


I am an Indian currently working in Paris, France.
I came to France on Visa type ‘D’ and remarks ‘PT. TALENT L313-20 3’.
My visa was valid till 25-03-2018.
I applied for ‘Titre De Sejour’ within this duration and received my ‘Titre De Sejour’
which is valid till 08/03/2022.

I have resigned from my current organisation and serving the notice period.
I will be relieved from my services on August 8 2018.
I will join my new employer in Belgium in August later where I will apply for the Belgium Titre De Sejour. This may take some time and could be an issue for me as I have to travel to India for my marriage in September 2018.

Could you please tell if my French ‘Titre De Sejour’ will be still valid and I’ll be able to return
back to France on this card ? How long is it valid after I resign from my current organisation ?

Can I travel back and forth to India on my French ‘Titre De Sejour’ after I leave my current employer ?

Please will you amend your Registration to show your Full Name, as per our T&C’s


Any enquiries re your Titre de Sejour… should be addressed to your local Prefecture.


Thanks, I have changed my name. I’ll contact my local Prefecture