Need some one to look after a cat for 10 days in Feb. Bordeaux

As the title says we need some one who would be willing to look after a young cat. for 10 days in Mid Febuary. I can get the exact dates from him tonight but in my head I have the 7th to the 18th but I will check.

This is for my son's cat, she is just 7 months old. Fully house trained she's an indoor cat used to staying in an apartment . She gets on with other cats as she often comes to visit us and gets on fine with our 2 . She's not vaccinated so hence he can't use a cattery but she has just been spayed. Normally he would bring her home to us but we are due to be away at the same time as he is doing a humanitarian race to north africa. Bordeaux area would be best as that's where he is based or failing that in the north Gers Condom / Eauze area so that we can collect her when we get back. Any offers considered. Thank you