Needing help with CPA, business set up rules, expansion

Hello. My french is minimal at best so I am looking for someone to help with an issue. My wife set me up an Auto entrepreneur with USAF? I pay taxes every month etc. Im not sure exactly. Ive had an LLC in the States before and I know how all that works, here is a little different.

My issue is that In the next few years my business is going to make more then the allowed amount under the current AE set up. I was told this by someone a while ago.

Also complicating the information research is the type of job I hold.

Any help here would be awesome.

Hacker? Spy? Secret agent? If I tell you I will have to kill you? (Sorry, couldn’t resist!)

Now might be the time to get professional help with your Finances … you won’t want to fall foul of the “Tax People” :wink: :wink:

Yes, Im having trouble with an English speaking person.

Ah well… you might be better off with a French speaking person… :wink: :wink:

I’ve just looked at your profile Stefon and I see you are in the music business. I wonder if there is anyone on here who could steer you in the direction of more specialist advice than it sounds like you are getting at the moment?

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Have you contacted URSSAF and asked them for advice? There’s a form you can fill in on their site, so perhaps your wife could help you by translating what you’d like to ask them.

Alternatively, I found this site… it’s in French originally so I’ve just used Google’s translation to switch it to English
(the original site is here)

There’s also this page which talks specifically about exceeding the revenue limit, which may help you: auto-entrepreneur, dépassement des seuils
(original link here)

It looks to me like you switch category on the 1st January following your 2nd year of earning over the limit, so unless you’ve already exceeded the limit last year and this year you should still have some time left to sort everything out.

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