Neighbours and dog problems

Does anyone know what the law is when your neighbours friends dog enters your enclosed garden, it jumps over the gate it’s a husky and can jump high, it’s now fouling on the grass.

It won’t be the national law but a local bye-law. You need to see if your local commune has an “Arrêté Municipal relatif à la circulation et à la divagation des chiens”.

However you will most likely find this related to dogs fouling public areas, and being off the lead in built up areas.

A dog getting into your garden is slightly different. Have you spoken to the owner? As usually best to try to tackle this directly, but otherwise you need to talk to your mairie and make a complaint.

Follow up on Jane’s advice… might be an idea to take some photos of this dog on your property… and the “stuff”…

best of luck

Hi Thank you,
We’ve not spoken to her yet as we’ve only just spoken to her about another issue which has partly been resolved, her friend isn’t here every day but when he is they must let the dog out in her garden at night and clearly it gets out and jumps over our gate to enter our garden, we thought we’d take photos of it when it’s next in our garden then speak to her. We’re not anti dogs but when a Siberian husky is pawing at your patio door at night it’s pretty scary.
Thank you for your reply it’s really helpful.

We’re having problems with some new’ish neighbours dog, and thier friends dogs. They don’t have fencing and nor do we and we lost chickens last summer, and had themm come on our garden adn growl (hunting dogs so scary). DH looked into the rules and it is a legal obligation to have dogs fenced in or on a lead (all they have is an electric collar thing that works intermittently) so if it is jumping fences it maybe needs tying up as well at night.

Hi I certainly will many thanks

Yes it’s so annoying I’m sure they just let it out and have no idea what it’s doing or have a care, we’re the only two permanent houses in a small hamlet.

We had a very similar problem earlier in the year. The neighbours’ garden was fenced but they usually left the main gates open. The dog would come into our cour whenever we came out of our door and would approach us growling and baring its teeth. We were nervous of it - very - as it often stopped us getting from the house to the car. We talked to the neighbour about it and she was hostile “he’s only a puppy…”. Fortunately a couple of months later they moved. Apart from the fact it isn’t a husky, I would suspect they’d moved next door to you @Jazzey . You have my profound sympathy as it was a very upsetting time for us. The new neighbours don’t have a dog but we are fencing our garden and getting tall gates installed anyway…

First thing is to have a quiet word, not a complaint, to the neighbour. They may well be horrified to find out something that they hadn’t at all expected. That could well be the end of the matter.

We had a similar thing some years ago but from the opposite perspective. At the time we had a Beauceronne which is a breed often as large as a Husky and she was an inveterate escaper. One day our neighbour came to me and said quite quietly and reasonably that she had found crottes in her garden.

I was horrified and said I would immediately clear it up. She said no no, no need, just wanted to let you know but I insisted and fetched the bucket. I did clear it up for her although when I saw it I realised that it wasn’t Ramona’s, and said so. Wrong calibre :roll_eyes:

The culprit was an occasional wanderer, home unknown. But a full on verbal assault may have had a negative effect.

If it is a visitor next door, then, once they know the problem (as said above, they may not) they must keep the dog under control in the garden or house, perhaps with a long fixed line.


Thank you, it’s only been recently so we’re hoping that once we’ve taken photos of it in the garden hopefully the friend of our neighbour will sort it out.

Unfortunately I don’t think they’ll be horrified but after partially sorting out another problem they’ll be good enough to sort it once we show them the photo

Are there houses which come and go? I know they put houses on trucks in the US. :laughing:

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Hehe!! I should have said there are only us and the neighbour, who live here permanently the other houses are holiday homes French plus one english.