Net Entreprises


Have just tried to do my husbands' trimestrial declaration but Net Entreprises is saying the first quarter isn't due yet? Anyone else having this problem before I spend hours on the phone to RSI?

I declare monthly and have declared the last three months just now as expected but am curious if anyone else is having difficulty with the site.

rather late in on this one Tracy but just to let you know that I did mine the other day with no problems on line, you've still got another couple of days before the end of the month ;-)

Thanks guys - I have also been looking out for the reminder email but it hasn't arrived. I didn't receive any for my monthly declarations either, I suspect that now you have to pay a fine if you are late declaring they wont be sending them!

I know what you mean Jan, I wish they would take them straight away. Will try again later tonight.

Hi Tracy, I tried on the last day of March and was blocked - there were changes being made to the site. I tried again Tuesday evening and was able to log in and complete the declaration. Maybe we are just too keen to pay up!!


I went on the other day to see when the due date was for the first quarter..and discovered that I need to declare and pay by the end of April. Just as soon as the end of April's a bit nearer I'll get online again and do it. I've discovered they don't take the money until a couple of days after the last day you can declare so I like to leave it. I hate thinking I'm richer than I am!