Netanyahu must be sniggering up his sleeve

Isreal is committing genocide, and the Americans are beating, actually beating, one another up over it. Plus, sending him $14 billion USD worth of more weapons to kill more women and children with. It’s all gone insane :frowning:


Completely. I suspect future historians (if there are any) will look back on this period much as we look back on the fall of the Roman Empire.


Sniggering up his sleeve?

I doubt it - he is not that subtle! :rofl:


It’s always been insane, but we have greater access to information and awareness of what’s happening, and as people we are probably a lot more sensitive than many earlier generations. People have always been like this at times.

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Even both sides of every conflict, I would guess.

Too late Bernie, too late :slightly_frowning_face:


It is unusual for people in power to be entirely good, sadly. Often too we have overlooked ill treatment of others because they’re only Irish/Indians/peasants etc etc with the malice of culture and habit rather than intent.

Having said that, there’s no doubt the guys who organised and executed Oct 7th are unspeakable scum too.

For what they did @Ancient_Mariner, yes, but for why they did it, that is something different. Once again I remember that the Nazis called the French Resistance ‘terrorists’ and there is no doubt that many French lives were lost as ‘collateral damage’ during some of their operations. But the difference is there would have been no intent for innocents to be harmed in any way.

However I have just heard that the Netanyahoo has said, in answer to American stalling on arms deliveries, ‘you can’t trust the Gentiles’. :astonished:

Just wondering, leaving aside the true meaning of the word semitic, does this qualify as anti-nonsemite speech? And if so, isn’t it just as bad as what the Israelis are always banging on about?

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Yes, totally agree. They seem to be able to say and do a lot that is provocative, and we cannot even look sideways.

I do confess, after Falter’s antics especially, I am losing patience with this semitism nonsense…

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