Netbook Pineapple

Have any members received a prize from Le Figaro - a Pineapple 7" Netbook - for taking out an abonnement?

It looks neat and is a handy size. I understand it’s not one of the tops but it could be useful when on holiday.

Never used a laptop before so I’m trying to figure out how to make it go.

Excitedly I switched on and played some minutes before a World Cup match took priority. So, in front of my admiring wife, I closed it nonchalantly, just like the TV laptop pros do, and thought, ‘That’s that, I’ll have

another go later.’ Later came but I faced a black screen - the battery was dead. I didn’t know I needed to manually switch off before closing.

That reveals my zero level of PC nous. (Nick,if you want me to resign from the CC, I will).

In mitigation though, I did find out how to recharge via a supplied adaptor.It opened beautifully today.
So, perhaps like others who have this little gem (?), I need help.

The manual is minimal on its basic functions and does not explain the keyboard clicks which differ from my usual setup.

By trial and error I’ve fathomed a few but I need a simple ABC guide for that and advice from our PC wizards before I press the wrong button and cause an explosion.

I would like to use it for emails, word processing, some images, browsing the WWW, ereader, but not bothered about music, videos or games.

Basic info; Model MPC7E1-001 - Screen 7" 800x480 - Linux OS - Internet access LAN RJ45 - Wi-Fi - SDRAM 128Mo - Memory 2Go - 2 USB ports - touch pad & mouse etc. Do you need more?

Is there a website which provides all answers?

Your wise counsel is awaited with thanks in advance.

Stanley I could not get that link to load, do you have another one?

Hope you enjoyed the game :wink:


Nick Here’s the link

Am setting up basic parameters and trying internet connection.

Can’t miss Brazil v Portugal so will have to cut off now. Back later.


Stanley, that is a new machine on me, but it is probably based on a copy of the original Asus 7" model.

Don’t worry about causing an explosion :wink: these machines are built to withstand a lot of abuse, so I would recommend having a play, just don’t delete anything just yet.

Can you post a link to the advert for it so maybe a picture will give us a clue.can you connect to the Internet fine? If so I would just use it to surf the web to start, and we can find out more about it as we go along.

It should be fine for what you want.