Netflix problem

We have recently updated our livebox. Now we have a problem with Netflix. it is very slow starting and keeps stopping an starting, making it unwatchable. We watch it on a Samsung smart tv ( or try to ) .We can get it on our phones/ipad and computer. I can only assume the problem is linked to the TV .

Any ideas.

regards Bill

Whenever I have had a problem with Netflix accessibility, I have spoken directly to Netflix and they have fixed it Very helpful and very efficient

Thanks for all your reply`s. I have cromecast ,so we can watch it this way. According to Orange ,the fault could be with the plug in devices ( wireless ,netgear ) we have one plugged into wall near computer, which is on third floor. The other is is plugged in near tv on bottom floor. They say the netgear ones are not compatible with the updated black livebox, and that we should get two new ones made by Develo,which should be. ( but they are not sure ). All I know is that there was no problem with old box?

Orange don't call it FON but whatever they do call it appears to have disappeared from my Livebox. You can tell it is enabled on your box as you will see a Wifi network called "Orange" available. It's a way of letting other Orange subscribers use your WiFi by entering their own password.

No idea what FON is, they have to switch it off their end apparently, that's what our mainframe help desk said.

what is FON

Is this where they sell some of 'your' bandwidth to others?

I thought you could switch this off yourself by accessing your livebox?


Bill, we had the same problem. we called orange tv, we searched for all kind of devices to enhance wifi and what not. at the end I called Netflix in order to cancel the service. A very friendly agent told me just to reboot our system, to switch everything off - and on again. IT WORKED. after 3 weeks there was suddenly no problem anymore. So , why not try this. costs nothing.
good luck. giesela

Contact Orange and ask them "to remove FON" they are using a load of your memory as a local hub. They'll ask you why (as you are taking something away which they have installed without telling you) so just tell them need to access your business mainframe or something.

We had to remove FON from our Neufbox (SFR) because we could not access my wife's work mainframe from home.

A lot of areas in France the "O" in Orange is actually a Zero!!!

have you tried accessing your Livebox using and see if there is a problem there?

If you can't fix the TV problem.

You can 'cast' netflix from the computer onto your TV using chromecast. It's a google dongle which costs €39.

I would assume the DNS settings of the Livebox are screwing you but as you cannot change them I would say, Get another modem/router box

Sounds similiar to problems I’ve been experiencing for ages.

Given you have iPad, iPhones your Livebox set up,under wifi connections for the mobile devices, which mine is. Your tv is linked to “Internet” via a lead with red USB connector in your Livebox. yes or no? i only need electricity for charging my iPad. My TV works through a Humax Digibox to to use it and get internet through my Livebox and Digibox. I would need to reset my Livebox to Internet connection instructions. I also have a Samsung TV.