Apparently Netflix is coming to France this September…just hope it gives the option of an English version?!!

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So I read today that Netflix and Orange have come to an agreement. I don't see Netfilix on my box top. Anyone else using Netflix via Orange and not a VPN IP address from the US or UK?

Oh I already have one for TV, catch-up tv but didn’t realise I could use it for Netflix…thanks !

Just get a proxy IP address and access the US version.

We were - think we may be doing something different now - will have to ask Mr H - he does all that kind of stuff!

Are you managing to watch Netflix already in France Catherine?

Lots of people can't get to the cinema for starters. Netflix has been a lifesaver for us ( viewed on both tablets AND huge screens!)

I do support my local cinema…but one doesn’t negate the other surely? We belong to a film group here where we see International films in Vaison… often straight from Cannes…and then discuss much like a book group…
I use BBC I PLAYER…is that wrong too?

Oh wow economic analysis from a black square. However what you forget is that film is an Art Form and not designed to be viewed on some piddling tablet screen.

Because as Adam Smith pointed out, consumption is the sole and end purpose of all production.

What that means is consumers act out of self-interest not to serve the interests of others... or give jobs to people, or ensure a living to businesses or local cinemas.

So individuals are the ones to decide what is in their own interest, paid for with their own money, whether to go to cinemas or to watch stuff streamed over the Internet.

It is called individual choice as opposed to conforming to the way others think it should be.

Oh wow. Cinema is still highly regarded in France. Why not support your local cinema rather than US corporatism? Our local community cinema has lots of films : French, Spanish, German , Anglo and even Japanese. Fortunately no popcorn.