New aggressive anti MC legislation in France

As from the 1st January next year, all bikers with bikes over 125cc will have to wear clothing with a high visibility device. Here's what the decree says:

However, the requirement that drivers of vehicles with two or three-wheel motor with a cylinder capacity exceeding 125 cm ³ or power above 15 kW / h to wear a reflective device is applicable as of 1 January 2013 .

Here's the decree number!

Decree No. 2012-3 of 3 January 2012 for various road safety measures NOR: IOCA1126729D

Does this mean the wearing of a high vis jacket or just a reflective patch on the back of your lid?

Can you imagine it? Also coming in this Spring, you will have to carry a personal breathaliser kit with you at all times! How long before they make us carry a red triangle as car drivers have to, or even a spare wheel! Don't laugh, it is being considered by those shiny arsed beauracrats in Brussels.

The reason that car drivers pull out in front of bikes is that they are not looking, if they can't see my headlight (which is always on - I can't swith it off) they'll not see me if I'm wearing a dayglo orange one piece!

It won't be long before the anti-filtering ban affect us, then I'll have to move to a 'free' country & get out of this communist country. The laws here are becoming increasingly aggressive towards bikers, perhaps it needs an aggressive approach by us all to try to change this. If you here of any protest rides in your areas, let us all know.

Love to hear your views on this & the more ears there are out there the better we're informed.

Not a good idea Glen. I both drvie and ride and I hate it when a "motard" has his lights are on full. I'll blind you back ;)

We can all go about looking like a Christmas tree and the buggers will still pull out though to be fair i find the French drivers far more observant in over 20 years of riding here never been cut up or pulled out on, within 10 min of getting off the boat in the uk whichever port i used in those days i was dicing with death

As for the police here they seem to go around in short sleeves order, coming down from Andora one very wet and misty day i met 2 they were on their way up in shirt sleeves low and behold by the time i got to Foix they were close behind me

What i said was that i dont disagree not that it should be compulsary if the rider feels that it is useful then fine wear one, as an instructor i had to wear a vest if not to be seen to advertise the school, as for the police saying its a waste of time every police rider in the advanced riding club i belonged to back in Stoke on Trent wore one when riding off duty, having a headlight on is compulsary in France not so in the uk but i always did, having said that i got into a disagreement with a guy over that, he stated that the light blocked vision of the indicators cant win can you, if a woman can pull out infront of a slow moving load escorted by a police rider taking out the policeman and breaking his leg then no a high vis vest wont make a scrap of difference but at least when you fill in the claim form you can state headlight on, high vis vest on, it all gives added weight to your claim when the driver says sorry mate didnt see you

as for the breathalizer well thats just a money making trick and added hassle because no one will take a blind bit of notice the responsible driver wont drink anyway, the irresponsible will be just that

did we not have this when helmets were made compulsary back in the 60s i did ride occasionaly without one but glad in November1968 i had mine on and always made the girlfriend wear hers else i wouldnt be writing this now

Likewise my headlight is alway on, I guess that is a requirement, I also agree with the comment that if they cannot see my headlight, then a hicks vest may not make much difference.
Most modern bike jackets have highviz elements incorporated, so it will be intereting to see exactly what they are expecting, my oponion is it,s getting a bit over the top and way too regulated.

Not sure I disagree with the wearing of high vis vests/jackets I wore one in the uk on occasions and no the blind silly buggers still didn’t see me, infact I had three police motorcyclist friends who had all at some time been involved in an accident whilst riding a police bike where the car driver pulled out in front of them, one was escorting a wide load travelling at 30mph how could anyone miss that one unfortunately was killed instantly where a 78 year old man reversed out of his drive into a main road

As to the breathalyser that’s just a joke the guy who is drinking knowing he will be driving is certainly not going to bother testing himself then being over the limit get a taxi or walk

Utterly rediculous. I have a 125 so I suppose I'm OK. However, Glen, I really think they should crack down on illegal pipes. They are a bloody nuisance.