New and exclusive to SFN! Welcome to The Brilliant Bookworms Book Chain

(Wendy Wise) #1

We wanted to get some sort of book club gong but without committing members to spending lots of money on books, so we've come up with the idea of the Bookworms Book Chain (BBC!)

How will it work? Member A
reviews a book that they're prepared to part with, even if it's only a few
words eg " A really good thriller". First person to express an
interest (Member B) gets the book. Member A posts book to Member B at their own
expense. Member B reads book and posts review and then passes it on, if a
member falls in love with a book and can't bear to part with it, then they
should try to find something else to pass on.
All members of the chain should try to pass on at
least one book a year or one for every book they receive.

Just in case...if you think passages in your book may offend some readers,
please mention this in your review.

We want to keep this as simple to operate as possible but we’re
open to any ideas you may have.

(Suzanne Fitzgerald) #2

The Lovely Bones was an excellent book. I can vouch for this one.

(Wendy Wise) #3

Yes please Nikki!

(Wendy Wise) #4

Please start a new thread for each book you are offering using this format:

TBBC - Your name here - Title and author of your book

Then your review.

(Wendy Wise) #5

Sounds good to me Catharine, otherwise we’re going to get our collective knickers in a twist.

(Dedene Nelson-Court) #6


I’ll put my 2 books on a thread as you suggested.

Stuart, No you are absolutely not being fussy! I would’ve been furious if someone returned my books torn up. That is just not proper book behavior!
If you want The Lovely Bones, send me your snail-mail address on a PM and I’ll get it off to you.

Best to all, Dedene

(Nikki Pilkington) #7

Catharine I’d be interested in that one - I love stuff set in the 20s and before.

I’ve got LOADS of books I want ton get rid of so am happy to start some threads - are we using the TBBC- Name - Book format for the new threads?

Let me know how you want us to do it and we will!

(Stuart Wilson) #8

Hi Dedene
I’ve read the Peter James series “Looking Good Dead” etc based in Brighton, they are excellent murder mysteries, with a side story concerning the Police officer’s wifes dissapearance.

My wife is French (but perfectly bilingual) and she could not put them down either.

I recently loaned this series to a friend but did not realise how rough he was with books. I know they are only paperbacks but all the splines came back completely broken and they don’t close properly (Am I being fussy?).

The only one I haven’t got in this series is the frist one “Dead Simple” .

Anyway, I’m going on a bit now, so the jist is that if anyone is inetrested, I wouldn’t mind participating.

“The Lovely Bones” sounds just my cup of tea.


(Catharine Higginson) #9

OK I’ve got a book up for grabs but i’m thinking…would it be best to start a thread for each book or person as they may get lost in here…

We could use a code at the start of each discussion to show that it was about the book chain. So I’d post:

TBBC - Catharine H - Ellis Island by Kate Kerrigan.
I’m always put off by books with stickers on the front touting them as ‘A summer read’ but as a guest left this behind, I gave it a go and was pleasantly surprised. Good descriptions of 20’s Ireland and America and great contrasts between the poverty and prosperity of the two countries. An annoying ending but worth a read. Up market chick lit!

Wendy - if you think this is sensible - I’ll move it and maybe Dedene can do the same and then we can get some more chains going?

(Wendy Wise) #10

Oh yes, and welcome to Bookworms Dedene!

(Wendy Wise) #11

Thanks Dedene, for taking the plunge, now we need to see who’s interested! So come on, who likes the sound of these two? First person to express an interest gets first read! I’ll copy the offer of the Julia Child in the food lovers group…

(Dedene Nelson-Court) #12

Let’s see, what have I recently read…

Here are 2 books I can recommend; My Life in France by Julia Child and The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. I think neither of them need an introduction. My Life in France is a wonderful book about Julia’s coming to France and discovering her love of cooking. The Lovely Bones is about a young dead girl reliving her life and the lives of her family and slayer.

PS: If anyone likes good murder mysteries, serial killers, etc. Let me know!

(Wendy Wise) #13

That’s excellent Dedene. Would you like to be the first reviewer???

(Dedene Nelson-Court) #14

Great idea! I have tons of english language books here that I don’t know what to do with. I’m ready to go when you are.

(Catharine Higginson) #15

I’m in!

(Wendy Wise) #16

Hi Tracy,

Glad you like the idea. Yes, multiple chains are essential, I think otherwise it’s going to be a bit slow, waiting for people to finish reading books…

(Wendy Wise) #17

Who’d like to be the first to review a book???

(Tracy Thurling) #18

Sounds a good plan, count me in. Are we going to get multiple chains going?

(Jennifer Clayton) #19

I’d love to be involved! Look forward to hearing about the first books…