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Hi, since joining survive France I’ve noticed a lot of comments about people having problems sourcing parts for their vehicles. I’ve recently been looking at moving to France and continuing with what I’m doing in the UK which is new and used vehicle parts. Also the price of parts in France seems high compared to the UK. Would greatly appreciate any comments and advice on whether this would be a good move.

I get vehicle parts from an online supplier in Germany. Very good value and efficient.

Bear in mind that running a business in France is different from running a business in the UK. Unfortunately, once you’re established in France operating as a French business paying the levels of cotisations and business charges that French businesses have to pay, you will find you have to charge higher prices than you did when you were a UK business in order to make the same level of profit. Look into it if that’s what you want to do, but I think you would find it difficult to compete with online businesses based in eg the UK, Belgium or as David says Germany - well let’s face it, almost anywhere except France :unamused:

As a garagiste I use & Sensible prices & cheap delivery costs. Sometimes for more expensive items & electrical parts I check eBay UK too.

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Hi Mark, don’t know if you can help, but I need an intercooler hose for my discovery 3 tdv6. I can’t find it on Oscaro, any ideas for land rover parts in france?
Thanks, Mark
BTW, not related to rimmerbros in uk are you?

Mark Robbins…

If Mark Rimmer cannot help… I’m sure there is an English guy in 16410 Garat …Landypoint (I think the business is called)… does Land Rover etc etc…

good luck…

Thanks Stella, I don’t really want to put Mark Rimmer on the spot, or set a précédent with car problems.

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Stella is right, Mark, have a good stock & prices are very reasonable - good depth of knowledege too!

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