New Android Phone - What Apps do you recommend?

Very simple question.

What apps do you use, recommend and why?

Some interesting ones there Zoe, certainly show's your integration into France (didn't know there was an app showing Vide Grenier locations!). Good idea on Essence Free, shame I don't travel far nowadays so already know the cheapest in my locale. Pages Jaune I just use my web browser to get that. Dropbox is already my main cloud storage for the laptops and desktops - hoping not to have too many files on the 'droid that would need syncing as it won't be used for work purposes.

I have an HTC One X. Some of the apps that I use most frenquently are:


Call Announcer: says the name of the caller when they ring

DropBox: file sharing between devices

Google Sky Map: shows you where the stars and planets are

Google Translate

Google Maps: navigation is great as a Sat nav system

Vide Greniers: tells you where all the vide greniers in the area are

UberSocial: Twitter and Facebook in one app

Bedside: only lets calls from selected people through at certain times of day

Essence Free: tells you where the cheapest fuel stations are

Pages Jaunes: great for finding addresses and phone numbers while you're out and about

some TV and radio apps too and of course Angry birds!

So far I have...

Angry Birds (of course) / Oanda Currency Converter / Days Since / Dr Web AV / English French Dictionary / Kingsoft Office / QR Droid / Skype / Speedtest / Weather for France (MeteoFrance) / WiFi Analyser

Plus a few other games that are going to stay for a while until I get bored with them.

Well, on my Sony before it was nicked, I had Angry Birds of course ;-), accuweather, zatelent terminal app, tfl tube maps and account , google chrome, opera , shazam music program plus a whole pile of free utils for keeping battery usage to a minimum.

I'm about to get myself a Samsung S III , so as I install them I'll update this thread.