New anthology of expat writing from Writers Abroad - Far Flung and Foreign

Online expat writers' group Writers Abroad is publishing a new anthology on 21st Oct, entitled Foreign and Far Away, including fictional short stories, non-fiction articles and poems on the theme of people and places. All the contributions have been written by expats, quite a few living in France. I'm in it as is our own dear Glyn Pope (both members of Writers Abroad).

Amanda Hodgkinson (author of award-winning 22 Britannia Road), who lives in SW France, has written the foreword.

Priced at £8.99 or 9.99 euros, available from Amazon - com or

Lots of high quality writing - and a great gift for Christmas.

I have read the whole of this anthology, Foreign and Far Away. Obviously I would like the see plenty of copies sold to support the charity profits are going to. But, i have to say that the quality of the writing, except for a couple I read, is superb. This is not amateur hour at the local self publishing club. This is very good stuff. I would strongly recommend it as a buy if you love different styles of writing, and certainly as a Christmas present for those who are lovers of fine writing. You'd virtually pay £8.99 for a magazine half full of adverts and here you've got back to back quality.