New car tech from 2022 on all new cars

The EU has stated that from 2022 all new cars, vans and trucks will have driver monitoring, alcohol monitoring tech and more safety tech all around. Should add a couple of grand to every new vehicle.

It didn’t go strait to the link in the first try.

Better buy a new car sooner rather than later and I still cannot get your link.

The link works on the second message I posted.

Finally, a real reason to leave the EU.


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Gosh, with all that technology installed in the car, I hope there will be enough room for me! :grinning:

Your concerns are warranted.

I foresee a time when the car won’t let you out until you’ve confessed all your driver’s sins, asked forgiveness, and promised to do better next time.

Sins will include getting into the driver seat with muddy shoes or not checking the oil and water levels and the tyre pressures before moving off.

A mortal sin will hanging a smelly cardboard Christmas trees from the driver mirror. The penalty for that will be at the car’s discretion, taking into account your history of motoring felonies.

I’ve already got driver monitoring in my car, but only when the OH is sitting in the passenger seat :upside_down_face:


Personally I think that the French Government should insist on a ‘tail gating’ prevention system.

Having driven cars with ‘lane assist’ I can verify that whilst it may be a good idea for long motorway journeys, on two way roads it’s a right pain when moving out to the crown of the road in order to get a view to determine whether or not it is safe to overtake.

Hopefully some bright spark will come up with a smartphone app that disables unwanted features on such vehicles.

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You won’t see the tech it will be hidden either in the dash or rear mirror, another thing that’s expected to disappear in the next 10 years , no mirrors but cameras and screens on the dash.
The EU is leading the world in this under the guise is safety, but more gimmicks to sell and for the motor industry to make money . Cars are not safer now but they made the windows smaller, bigger cars, more metalwork between the outside and the driver so less chance of death and injuries in a crash. But with this they made cars that are too wide, worse to see out of, harder to park and heavy . Out went better mpg and lighter cars, smaller engines. Now pushing us to electric cars 50% dearer with a lifespan of the batteries 6-10 years then worthless. But all the pollution takes place in South America, well the generating electricity too and carbon footprint. But it’s really all money related and tax intake for the governments and EU.


I am researching my next car at the moment. A new Citröen … perhaps. The Options pack of 19 drivers aides and safety options adds just £200 to the car. Not a lot for enhancing safety.


That’s cheap if they are used, I’ve never used the Bluetooth, telephone, set the speed limit on mine and the eco mode on the Renault is a gimmick.

Many new cars already have most of it but some of it is not “switched on”. Mine has lane departure warning, blind spot warning, speed limit warning & distance limiter, driver alert & heads up display & much more. Not likely to add much to the cost imo but might seem so to those migrating from an older spec vehicle .