New electric consumer unit

Hi, I have been quoted 1894 euros for a new consumer unit to be fitted in our 2 bedroom house

Le compteur EDF doit être installé dans toute habitation souhaitant profiter de l’électricité. Les prix varient selon les délais d’intervention et les travaux demandés. Ils peuvent donc aller de 1 650€ à 2 500€.

That’s from EDF site…

Thank you for your reply

I had mine changed last year and about 1500€, that was for a 3/4 bedroomed property.

Situations vary… but I do know of a new connection made in our commune… and if I recall correctly it was about … 1800€

that was for slinging the cable across from wherever… and placing and connecting a meter into the building…

We paid 1000 euros for a 2 bed house 6 years ago.

We have also just been quoted about 1250 euros for a 3 bed house so 1800 euros is a little steep.

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I suggest it all depends on what is actually done… and/or the complexity…

no one property will need exactly the same works done (very unlikely)… as another.

But there will be basic charges as listed on the sites… whatever… :slightly_smiling_face:

@Mat_Davies not sure that the size of the property comes into it… unless the supply has to be 3 phase… perhaps…

The bigger the property will probably have more circuits and may require a bigger board with more trips etc.

Ah… not talking about the same thing…

What I was talking about was simply the supply to the property… after that… it would be up to an electrician to install as big a fusebox as required and circuits to suit …

I think the OP should specify as to if he is talking about a new main switch, EDF fuses and meter, or if the question about a new tableau.



If you are talking about an Electrician doing work in your house… get 2 or 3 quotes then you can compare like for like… and make your choice… that’s my advice…

If it’s EDF (the Supplier or whatever they call themselves)… their website should help you…

Oh @Stella so old-school!

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@Stella still works on candle power… :upside_down_face:

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You rotters…

I have at least one genuine fuse in my home… the Linky man replaced the old fuse with a more modern one… but he called it a fuse (le plomb)… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Obviously, we have a few more fuses… and they are in their own fusebox… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

It’s challenging enough to learn a foreign language, I can’t relearn my own vocab as well…

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I always thought the French equivalent of a consumer unit was the tableau.

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They are similar just way more expensive!