New flights to Caen/Carpiquet summer 2024

For those of us “up North” this might of interest.


I heard it’s a very quick journey… Hopefully your luggage arrives safely too!

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Interesting - thanks @Badger

I think Ryanair already has that route covered - Caen Sud (aka Bordeaux) to Southampton North (aka Birmingham).


Very interested to see that. There used to be a Caen to Southend flight which closed, so good to see a new one.

Actually I wonder if it is because of the 80th anniversary of D-Day.

It is good that this is starting,don,t think it,s for D-Day though,it doesn,t start until 28th June.

Not for the actual D-day, but there are lots of events here this summer. We are expecting tourists around our bit of the Normandy campaign country in August.
May also be the Olympics, Caen to Paris by train is pretty easy.