New Floorboards

I want to re-floorboard an upstairs room, and am just curious as to what others are using to hold the boards down.

The floor is typical 6 x 4 M, and sits on 75mm square joists which are supported by a couple of 250 x 200 Oak Beams. The boards are 22mm T&G, and I first thought of nailing them in place with my first fit nail gun. On rethinking the plan I’m now swayed onto using double helix floorboard screws.

Anyone recently refloored their house ?, and if so how did you fix it ?


I have got on very well with Lost-Tite screws, just difficult getting them in France:

I originally saw them (or something similar) here:

If you are tempted to use them get hold of some extra good quality Torx bits (and an impact driver) as the ones supplied are poor. These seem fine:

DEWALT DT7393T-QZ Embout Impact Torsion T10, 50mm


Definitely screw them, as @Mat_Davies has been said, impact driver with torx screws.

I have found them to be the best thing as well, we always used them on our barn conversations.

Many thanks for the pointers :+1:.

I have just about finished another Chipboard Floor, and used some Spax Wirox double helix, which worked fine and gave me the thought for the Oak one.

My only reservation is that the joist are like drilling into metal :roll_eyes:, and I was hesitant on the torsional strength of the screws, but it sounds like they will be OK, so a box or 3 to start with, and see how it goes :grinning:


Always keep a candle in your toolbox.
A quick swipe on the thread each time usually ensures
far fewer snapped screws.
Pre-drilling is also a good thing.
You probably know this already.