New Format gives me a headache

Hi Catherine & James,

It could, of course, be my age but l am finding this new improved format very confusing and full of numerical data that l do not need. Surely some explanation and/or instruction on how to easily use this website would be a good idea, instead of just dumping it onto your customers without any sort of ‘SFN for Dummies’ post.

I am more than willing to ‘stand corrected’ as l am a big fan of Survive France Network.



Hi @Dan_Wood thanks for the feedback! Just getting used to it myself, give it time, I’m sure you’ll come to love it.

Thanks James for the response - l will try my best to get the hang of it - l really want your site to succeed - it is a breath of fresh air and provides cynical old farts like me with loads of great info during these uncertain times - thank you so much.



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This latest iteration represents bang up to date forum software, it looks a little daunting to begin with but I’ve done plenty of research on this and I love it. I hope you will persevere!

Of course we will - need to take a bit of time and play with it on the laptop - it doesn’t respond too well on the iphone.


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Hi - I think the new format is a great improvement and works especially well on my Android phone! Well done, great job and I hope I can stay :grinning:

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Good to hear from you Simon, hope you are doing well after the op.

Hi Peter ! Thanks for that and I’m doing great thanks - it’s been 3 months now and I’m feeling much more ‘normal’. Hope you’re well too and looking forward to some healthy debate :grinning:

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That’s good to hear. It goes to show the importance of regular blood tests etc Maybe you could start a topic on the subject ? It’s such an important topic for us blokes.

Too busy at the moment with match reports and moving etc tho’ things will calm down in a couple of weeks which will give me time to breathe.


Still trying to work out how to follow a discussion. My “default” status is apparently “normal” but there are others with explanation that at first glance are not clear what they add or indeed detract.

Advice please James

You can change it to ‘watching’ to follow the post and any comments.

Does that help? @Peter_Scawen


Thanks that is what I found, don’t know how I found it, but no it does not help as I do not understand what they mean. nor how to change the status.

For example, pretend I am bored with this discussion (I am not) how do I change it to “muted” and in fact what status is this discussion for me anyway? I cannot “see” an icon I can view and/or change.

I have another query but I have to go back and search the web site (not allowed) to copy information

Click the button below and select what you want from the choices available

James: My next query

What does this mean for me?

"Desktop Notifications

 Notifications are not supported on this browser. Sorry.

Note: You have to change this setting on every browser you use."



James I understand that but where is the icon on the message?

James. I understand that but what you show above does NOT appear on my screen.

Ahh, I see. Can you do me a screen shot please?