New hotel Balladins in Carcassonne

Hi everyone

If you need a hotel in Carcassonne my brother-in-law and sister-in-law (Christophe and Fabienne Castans) have just opened a Balladins hotel:

Just got back from the “hotel warming” where we filled it with family and friends to make sure everything works - it’s just been built - Very friendly, very clean, they’ve even employed and Englishman for the reception so no language problems for those who don’t speak French.

They also have the newsagents in the Intermarché a stone’s throw away for magasines, papers…


Not sure what the poster is about, didn’t see it when we were there - I live in the Aveyron, it’s my other half’s sister and brother-in-law who have opened it - unfortunately there isn’t a bar, it’s the standard Balladins hotel: they do a buffet breakfast for guests but no other catering/bar.

we Live A few minutes from the hotel and have watched with interest as the hotel has developed, also there is a poster on the fence ?advertising golf but always pass by in the car before I can read it, can you please tell me what it is advertising , also is there a bar or resturant non clients can use

Was just totally sick of anonymous bitching

Bitch fest

NO - there’s a difference between humorous remarks and irony and hidding behind no photo and slagging people/things off for no reason :wink:

I’m not sure what a b****fest is either - come on Catharine enlighten us please!

Nice thought Stephen - they (me other half’s sister and brother in law - the owners) are French but have taken on an English person who’s lived in France for the last 20 odd years and went to school here…no problem with the French then!

Speak soon!

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ps sorry we can’t make it to Fiona’s on Sun but sure we will meet soon x

Sorry “jay” but you are really pissing me off.

I have no idea what you meant by posting that link. Industrial buildings can be beautiful too and those are. Besides, I am sick and tired of your negativity on SFN. You never respond in a positive manner, You have been (repeatedly) asked to provide a photo, You haven’t done so. I think that it might be better if you left. This is a network - for mutual support - not a bitch fest.

Let me know what you want to do.

Would be very nice and a great place for a kids free weekend - it’s my other half’s sister and brother-in-law who have built and run it (I’m a bit (3 hours!) further North in the Aveyron but get down to our place in the Hérault and why not Carcassonne if we could work something out! A kids free weekend, now that’s a very good idea…!

Carcassonne is on our hit list for a child free weekend in the autumn. So hopefully we will see you then. And there!

Hi Catharine, “water off a duck’s back” - we’re all different and not all looking for the same thing or living the same life here in France :wink:

But yes, if you’re ever in Carcassonne and need somewhere to stay…

And…WTF is a quick fix Tin Palace?

Sounds fab - if we are ever in Carcassonne…

Yes it’s not very “vieilles pierres” but it’s clean, functional and “does exactly what it says on the tin” (or should that be tin palace!) that’s France for you, that’s what the french (including all my in-laws) like and personally give me new build anyday!