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I’ll try to be brief. My family and I (Wife, son, daughter in law and three grandchildren) have lived in France for the last 15 years and we have two cars which I own and have always been insured on my French business. I insured “any driver” on both. My son has now bought his own car but the insurance companies have told him that because his name was not on the my insurance documents he must pay a premium as if he is a new driver even though he has been driving one of my cars for 15 years. Any advice or comments Please.


Fabien might be able to tell you if this is correct or not…and he might be able to give you some advice…

Standard practice I think.

I was without a car for a while because the one I had died suddenly and I was in no great rush to buy another. When I cancelled the insurance my agent suggested that I get a friend to add me as a named driver to their policy even if I never drove their car, so that when I next applied for insurance I would have an up to date driver record without a gap. So it does seem to be important to keep your name on some insurer’s books clocking up time insured without an accident.

Hi Richard, if your son was employed by the business and if this was a corporate own car and policy then you can claim the history back for him. Any other situation would equal to not being insured as your contact told you.

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Indeed it is :wink:

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