New listings categories?

This next category idea may sound strange.
Let me preface by saying I am a fluent French speaker, and I use several online dictionairies when stuck!
However there are loads of words that have regional meanings that can not be found in dictionaries, and I dont just mean “Argot” or “Verlens”.
Just thought of this as I can not find anywhere a translation for “Charme” (maybe Charm) for a friend.
It is a WOOD that is exceedingly good in open fires…Can anyone help?
So how about a Language Page for regional/local names for different products? An example being “Kerang” for Brique in Montpellier.

Good Morrow all
A property for sale page may be of use, as long as it does not become an “estate agent’s” site.
Personally what I would have found useful on coming to France was a property to let section. Most newcomers, or those with sense, settle in an area, rent and then REALLY look around for that special place to buy or build. Finding a suitable place to rent, either furnished or unfurnished can be hard.
We rented a summer gite from 1st September when we arrived, BUT by late November we realised, as the icicles began to form on the lovely oak beams, that perhaps a full winter was not going to be so much fun. It took us six weeks to find something suitable to rent. A section on a forum would have helped!
How about a Schools Issues thread?
As I think of others…