New listings categories?

Would a Property for Sale section be helpful? And whilst we’re at it, are there any other categories that you are keen to see?

Let us know!

Thanks Catharine

Hi Catherine,

New listings for jobs perhaps ? in various departments ? What about an exchange of services listing. I translate these french letters for you and you plaster my bathroom or i walk the dog every day and you trim my plum trees. Proximity is the thing of course.

Think that is an excellent idea - now who wants to run it…??

How about a group for smallholders / self sufficiency?!

I know what you mean - its horrible to fall in love with something but not being able to take it further unti you have sold your place.

Fingers crossed your property will sell soon and please shout if I can help with anything up here in Brittany.

Hello Natasha

We need to get ours sold first, but I will take a look at your site. Brittany is where we would like to move but as at the moment we can’t sell our house, we are frightened to look at Brittany.

Hi Yvonne,

How are you getting on selling your property? If you are still looking for property in Brittany I have just launched a website all about Brittany which has a property for sale section - take a look at There are quite a few properties currently on and more coming soon!

Is there a particular area you are looking at?


Have stuck it on the SF facebook page x

Thank you Catharine, have posted it - still haven’t psyched myself up for Facebook. Have to do it soon, have new project on the go.

If you go to resources at the top of the page - there’s a drop down to small ads. Stick it there and then I’ll put it on the FB page too xx

We have an all year round property to rent in Burgundy, unfurnished but we would consider a short let if anyone is interested. Did a letting section get set up?

I think French property for sale this would be a good idea - I would post on it it as the owner of French Property Classfieds and its predecessor Property In France.

Hello Clive

I would be grateful for your help but do not know how to contact you

A property for sale page would be useful to us, we are trying to sell ours and then we would want to buy in Brittany.

A page for where to get items might be a good idea,
not food but other things. We are looking at the moment for a gas/no gas welder. Also other things for example in England you can buy paracetamol in the supermarket, in France you have to go to a dispensing pharmacy to buy it. Can anyone tell me where to buy disinfectant.

Far be it for me to ever drop someone in the mire, BUT… I could not help recalling that Gregory Orr has a degree in Linguistics. I also believe he is fairly comfortable with several languages.
You may wish to suggest (I can lend you a baseball bat, machette and machine gun to emphasise your suggestion), that he too lends a hand where required!!

On another topic how about a poetry corner, I know several people who like to write poetry and this may prove an interesting topic. Not for me, alas, as my prediliction for poetry ceases with that well know poet who wrote that epic “The Guns”. I can not however remember past the first couple of lines, maybe someone could assist? It starts off; “Boom Boom Boom, Boom Boom Boom”…then I forget.
Best regards

That was a brilliant episode, perhaps I’ll dig out the old videos this weekend. Thanks for the offer then, I’ll be sure to direct any linguistic queries your way as our sole co-lexicographer! Bon-weekend


My botanical knowledge is non existant, I gave up when no one (Except my wife, I once presented her with a bunch of “flowers”) was able to clearly define the difference between weeds and flowers! As such I shall inform my friend that the wood is Hornbeam, I may embellish over a pastis (That he will be buying) as to the European nature of the wood in question!
As for taking on Mr Samuel Johnson’s mantle, not since Blackadder 3 has such an opportunity arisen. (One of my favourite scenes, which I found most “discombobulating”)!
No probs, but I am, though it may be difficult to believe, very busy! (I enjoy this forum as it allows the grey matter to relax by working in a different fashion)
I also enjoy a good search, so line em up, however, I would prefer if the word was broken down and the “CO”, bit, as in “with others”, were emphasised!!!

It may be the European Hornbeam or Carpinus betulus

Have a look here or here for the French version

I like the idea of the language page, how would you feel about being the lexicographer Peter?

I am, as far as technology in general and computers, in particular, are concerned, illiterate.
In fact ever since our 18yr old left home the TV has remained on the same channel, well not quite, but neither Kaina nor myself are terribly “au fait” with modern technology (computers included).
My recent attempts at setting up a blog (see Introduce yourself new entry) quite clearly showing the limits of my expertise.
Now for anyone in the same boat, particularly those who do not speak “La langue de Moliere” too well, how about a Techno (Phobes) page. There must be “loadsa” people out there who really do know one end of a toaster from another !

Both good ideas - I will sort this later today - keep them coming! At the end of the day, this site will only be as good as the members suggestions and ideas (brilliant thought I am…) , even I can’t think of everything! Thanks C x