New Mattress - looking for shop recommendations

Hi there.

Can anyone advise where we can buy a good quality mattress (5 foot equivalent).
I really like the Hypnos mattress but it doesn’t seem to be available in France.
I don’t mind paying within reason, for a quality mattress as it is for our use.
Although we have not yet looked too much, we cannot seem to find anything of really good quality.
We could go to Bordeaux if necessary but prefer to stay within a 30+km of Aubeterre as want to try it first!
Thanks in advance.


Is 5 feet 1m60?
You can get hypnos mattresses in France from various suppliers including, and
If you want 1m60 by 2m IKEA have a good selection with mattress toppers etc as well, and they deliver.
Or go for one of those online mattress people like Emma or whatever they are called.
Confo, But etc all do mattresses especially 1m60x1m90 (also 1.60x2) but they tend to be not fantastic for the price, from what I have seen.
You can also get mattresses made for you which can also work out better value especially since you choose everything from the core to the fabric even the stitching pattern (I did this because I wanted 2mx2m).
Check out ‘literie + where you live’ on google you might get a good address.

We have got on well with ikea mattresses. Normally you can try them (but not now). They seem pretty comfy and are good value.


I’ll second that. We’ve done well with IKEA mattresses too.

The instructions in Swedish of which spring has to go where take a bit of following though! (just joking!)

(It was only after coming here that I realised that foam mattresses worked better on slatted bases than sprung ones - my memories of foam mattresses were of nasty thin things on put-u-ups and the like…)

Thank you everyone for your tips. Yes I did wonder about IKEA.
Good to know you can get Hypnos online though.
The size of 5’ I think would be 1m60 in France.
Thanks again.

It’s actually slightly under 1m60 @Annej2003 Anne (which roughly equates to 5ft 4") but it is the standard size if you want something bigger than a 4ft6 :smiley:
If your bed base is 5ft it might be better to try and see if anyone stocks UK/American sizes. My partner ended up moving the sides on our (wooden) bed base to accommodate the larger size

Then you need UK/American bed linen.

Well in fact we will need the whole shebang, bedframe or divan included.
So I guess we are looking for the French size nearest to UK 5 ’ - which as you say I think is 1M60.
So not sure if Hypnos will fit that size bedframe…

That’s easier, Anne - start new with a standard French size and you’re away!
I’m not familiar with Hypnos so have no idea if they do European sizes…

If shops sell them in France I imagine they sell beds that fit them. Google found this, among others

Thank you !

Hi Anne
Our lorry didn’t make the ferry on 21st December and we are now into loads of paperwork to import our possessions tax free (everything you want to qualify as tax free has to be on the first inventory you give the Douane, but that’s another story).
So my wife and I bought a new mattess from IKEA Toulouse yesterday (other locations are available) and they are delivering on Tuesday.
Most of their mattresses come rolled up so it is possible to Click & Collect but the stores are shut for viewing.
We chose IKEA because the Which? report rated them at a reasonable price and I have had good experience with them (but one persons good mattress is another person’s Teak bench!).

Thank you Jonathan, I suspect that we will go down the IKEA route, but only if we can try them first !!
So will have to continuing using the spare bedroom!

Is there a major reason why you can’t simply move the “good bed/mattress” out of the spare room… and into yours ?? :thinking:

that takes the stress out of trying to find a new mattress… you can take your time, in comfort.

Hi Stella, it is not the best mattress in the world and the spare room is fine for now.

Fair enough… and no matter its condition… any mattress is better than nothing.

We spent our first few weeks sleeping on a blow-up mattress, until our furniture arrived from UK.

The Emma mattresses I mentioned a while ago let you try the mattress for 3 months at home and claim to be France’s most popular mattress. I have no personal experience of them. They deliver.
Edited because I see there are ones called Simba. I don’t suppose they play hakuna matata as a lullaby but who knows.

Ikea, you can try different ones and the staff are usually quite helpful