New member shout out!

Hello everyone! Just joined and introducing myself, my name is eli and my husband and I are doing out to the Creuse house-hunting next week to buy our future home. No doubt we’ll be Picking your brains over coming months xx


Hi Eli, welcome and happy house hunting! Do feel free to pick away - at least a few people will have experience of whatever question/obstacle/moment of excitement you’ll encounter. Good luck. x

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Where in the Creuse are you looking? North West, la souterraine quite flat with a few brits, close to motorway and airport. South East, plateau de millevache, beautiful, moody, hilly and very underpopulated.

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Hi Elaine,

You have chosen lovely Dept.

Mark’s description above is very good.

We have been here since Sept 2014 and do not regret it one bit.

If you have any queries, this is a good forum to ask away.



Where did you end up settling in the creuse Martin?

Hello Mark,

Nearest town is Auzances. We live in a hamlet just 4km from the Auvergne border, so that makes us very East of the Dept.

Very quiet here, if you enjoy that sort of thing (we do) Landscape of undulating hill, fields with good number of trees, scattered around.



Had some friends who lived in Dontreix so know the area reasonably well. Glad you found somewhere you like.

Thanks Mark.

Love it here. Going outside the front door and seeing the countryside.

Feeling the seasons again. Lovely.

Do you have the same experience where you are?


I try to spend as much time as possible outdoors, so do notice the change in seasons. It does seem a bit screwed up though, saw a butterfly last week when the sun came out. Much milder now, but just started to rain which brings me back indoors😓

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Hi Martin. We are looking round Auzances, gureret and boutganeuf. We love quiet counytr


Oops, just getting used to the format of the sit! Response went off before I was ready! Love the countryside and looking forward to getting out of the rat race in the UK we are seeing quite a few houses this week which seem to fit the bill and are staying in combination of hotels and bed and breakfasts to really get to know the area.

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Thanks Valerie. We are really looking forward to the trip and hope to find something we like!

Hi Elaine
Don’t know your budget, or what sort of house you are looking for, but we have some friends who have unfortunately separated and have to sell their house. It is in the village of Pigerolles (commune Gentioux-Pigerolles) On the plateau de millevaches. Fairly large (3 or 4 bedroom , with large walled/fenced garden, workshop, annex for renovation, cellar etc. Just about to go on the market next week. If you are interested in seeing it, let me know and I can put you in contact with the owners.

His Mark. That is really kind of you. We are looking for a traditional
style of property with 2-3 bedrooms, enclosed garden for the dog. Don’t
mind a bit of work to do but not complete rebuild. Our budget is flexible
to an extent. Do you know how much theirs is? We are cash buyers with no
chain and very serious about buying very soon! Images and contact would be
great! Many thanks again, Elaine

Thanks Martin, we are buying with the plan of retiring there in about 18 months as we take early break from the rat race in the UK. We both love rural settings and love the look of this amazing place. We are out for a week, lots of properties to see and fortunately have the cash to buy if see the right thing.

Elaine, have sent you a message

Hi Martin, I am new on this site and do not know well how to use it yet. I have read your comments on life in Creuse as I am looking for a small farm with lots of land to buy. Could you tell me what places are best in terms of climate (not too rainy) and countryside (not flat) ? Isolated but not too much as I live alone with my animals. Thanks a lot in advance. Simone