New member wanting advice :)

Hi, have just bought a house in premorin near aubigne which is in the deux sevres region but not far from charente ;) and wondered if there was a way to find any mebers that live near?

The Deux Sèvres monthly is the local magazine with details of all English speaking goings on. Its available at Poitiers airport and on line.

If you have a smartphone download the MEETUP app. This shows you all local meetings in your area. Its worldwide.

The French version is called ON VA SORTIR which also lists French meets.


But don’t go out of your way to avoid them either. You will find you need the comfort of speaking in your mother tongue.
For friends, I joined the local rugby team and then married a French lass.
Don’t forget to post a photo on your profile too…we are a friendly lot.

Sage advice Grahame :)

Hi Kirsty. If you want to know where the local English people are, just ask your neighbours. I don’t know where you are exactly, but when I moved in last week, all my neighbours came to say hi…(I was gardening, it helps) , and they know where the English live locally. My advice is to take things slowly, or you may end up with acquaintances or obligations you would rather not have…