New online procedure -carte de séjour, long stay visas

It appears that cartes de séjour (including some renewals) must now be applied for online. Naturalisation and validation of long stay visas are also in scope. At a quick glance, I can’t see any reference (yet!) to Withdrawal Agreement CdS, though you imagine that, or an equivalent may come.The online platform is called ANEF. Administration Numérique des Étrangers en France. See link below.

Announcement In French

In English

At first glance it doesn’t look like the information being required has changed. However for an EU CdS, they now make explicit when obtaining the first permanent 10 year CdS (ie after 5 years) you need to have factual evidence of 5 years continuous residence. Previously not all prefectures expressly sought this, including here in Rouen. An automated attestation that you’ve made the request for a CdS is issued. Presumably this means no more trips to the Prefecture, to arrange RDV etc…

Let’s hope this isn’t the visa/CdS equivalent of ANTS!

Here is the portal itself…You have to create an account etc to access it…

It will be really interesting to hear of SF members experience of this new system over time.

PS I found out about this as years ago, I’d registered on the site to be updated if there was any change to the CdS page on Service Publique - and this is the first notification received in years.

I’m in the process of changing ours (change of address, change of department). They asked for (obviously) proof of change of address and a scan of both sides of existing CdS and passport (as a single document). Just had the rdv at the préfecture for fingerprinting (again) etc and will get another to exchange the CdS. All very straightforward once you realise you have to do a bit of faffing about getting everything on a single page.

Since there is yet no process agreed for WARP cards I can well imagine this doesn’t yet figure.

Since it was launched I have been reading that it generally works, but can be a bit clunky. But doesn’t completely avoid the need to visit préfectures!

From having just set up an account, that seems an accurate description! It did acknowledge my existing CdS. It also told me off when I tried to renew it (as a test, purely out of curiosity) telling me I had to wait until August 2026. I think I can just about contain my excitement until then.

Based on what @Mark has helpfully reported, I do wonder how easy it is, technologically (given my real limitations on that score) to create 1 single PDF (?) that would contain nearly 100 pages in my case (2 passports, ie a UK and Lux, plus all the various additional attachments required)…

Ours were permanent cards so it was easy, scanned both sides of CdS and passport, imported them into a single page Word document, and converted back to a pdf. The user interface would only accept a single upload, a problem they did acknowledge.

100 pages !!! Good grief… that does sound like a lot of pages… for just one person…
but, take heart, help is available to anyone who needs it… the French govt has guaranteed it… (they realize that not everyone is a Computer-WhizzKid… whether they be French or “Others”)

Quite right @JaneJones

I already had an account apparently, so I logged in and asked for a renewal and got this reply…

La téléprocédure de demande de titre de séjour pour ce motif n’est pas accessible en ligne pour le moment. Nous vous invitons à vous connecter au site internet de la préfecture dont dépend votre résidence pour vous renseigner sur les démarches à effectuer.

I scan documents of 50-60 pages into one doc. The scanner does it for me, just have to open and close the lid 60 times!

That’s reassuring. I judge technology through the question - does it make my life easier (eg smartphones, online banking & tax returns) - in which case I’m all for it, or more difficult (eg clunky, non-user friendly processes where I have no choice but to use them, eg for dealing with government agencies or previously some work-related tools). I can generally cope quite well with understanding and advising on complicated technical matters (international tax{!}, technical regulatory matters etc) but can be reduced to jelly by a ‘computer says no’ type of scenario - where I can’t easily resolve matters - and don’t feel in control.

That’s also reassuring. We’ve partly done this to ourselves as we don’t have WiFi (relying on mobile internet or 4G, which suits our light internet use) so uploading bulky files is fraught with stress. I also need to find a good scanning programme that enables more than one page per PDF (our current programme!) hence concerns about putting 85-100 pages into a single PDF.