New pellet stove - questions about using it!

Hi, We have just installed a new pellet stove, all of the instructions are in French, and quite complicated as it is programmable by the day and week. We are struggling to get to grips with it… is anyone familiar with modern programmable pellet stoves ?

Photograph the instructions and load the photo into Google Translate.

If you type “programming pellet stove” into google there are videos showing you what to do. Alternatively is your stove an international brand? You may well be able to download an English pdf version of the instructions.

It is Italian made, bought here in France and I cannot find any manual in English online…

I can’t remember quite how the programmes work, but is it for water and heating?
You have to be careful to keep it topped up and make sure the pellets don’t get jammed in the chute or you can get clouds of black smoke making the house more interesting. The one I used needed a bag or two of pellets each day, which I had to carry up from the cave.

Welcome to the forum, Ray…

Who installed it?? can’t you ask their advice… rough instructions on what to do and when ???

Ask a french friend to talk you through it?

@flynnboy If you can post a photo of the stove it might help us identify it and someone might know how it works… just a thought… :wink:

Hello Ray
Do t know if you’ve resolved your pellet burner issue. We had a similar problem. Ours is a Xtraflamme Divina stove. Basic digital programming but a manual was still needed.
YouTube was helpful for the basics but we have since found a store that holds our brand and others. He also speaks some english.
Company info should you need it: PYROS Les tuileries Zone de, 03500 Saint-Pourçain-sur-Sioule
Sandrine et Nicholas FRANCOIS
Regards Caz