New phone line ie wire from pole needed

Is it still the case that only Orange can do this or would Free install a new line?

Only want it for internet and want to use free as they're chirpy cheap cheap...

My first task in preparation to live in dept 03 was to install landline/internet. I too had mobile phone with Free. Out came an engineer explained old existing house line for both ended at my gate and telecom box was manhole diagonally across the road. He sent in his report and I received a devis from Orange for 1945€ needless to say I didn’t pursue it. In conversation with neighbour he is with SFR, went to their store see if they could link me through his grey box. I got all the equipment sent ready for engineers installation, no go, another devis came 113€ just for engineer visit.declined to proceed and I even approached our Mairie for support as a building nearby was being renovated for communal housing. I’m now on a SFR contract for a dongle and bought a second network free sim, not the best solution but works for us at present. Hope this is if use but good luck!

Well done Mike and hey just use your mobile/s for emergency 112 calls.

Hi Simon,
Yes, I have just changed to Bouygues Telecom and am saving 5€ a month on fixes charges and around 15€ a month on calls - 240€ a year altogether.
But it is not entirely a free lunch. I had to have their box instead of using my own router (50€ deposit) and the only way to connect a phone is through their box, so I had to buy a wireless telephone (30€) to use around the house because the FT sockets cannot now be used. This also means that we cannot use a fixed phone for emergencies if we lose the electricity supply. We also got a nasty earful from a woman at SFR when we phoned to cancel their service.
But a worthwhile saving I think. Thanks for your advice. If you are ever visiting the environs of Avranches, I'll buy you a drink.

Hi Marc - from experience, when there's no existing line already it's faster to deal directly with Orange since they're the ones who will install a new line (if possible). In my last house my neighbours were in your situation and Free never managed to get a new line installed. It's true that if you contact Free and make your request, they will deal directly with Orange but it will take longer than if you're an Orange client (especially if it's not sure if a line is available). I had a new adsl line installed a couple of months ago and we paid just 80 euros for the engineer, underground line and installation as an Orange client.

I once had a horribly expensive experience with Free's extortionate oversees hotline and never even got a line installed. They also debited me for a line I never had. Consequently, I've now struck them off my list of ISPs. Maybe it's different today....

But Mike - if you are paying SFR as your ISP, and Orange for a fixed line analogue number then of course you will save money = at least 215€/year at current rates.

Got you! We were in a "Zone Non Degroupée." We had no choice but to rent the line from Orange, even though our service provider is SFR. I have just re-checked and we are now Degroupée and there are other options in our area. Not sure they will save us much though.

Mike - I'm obviously not making myself clear - apologies! I'll try again....

You obviously have ADSL (or ADSL+, or VDSL or Fibre) internet access at home. This means you DO NOT need to pay a separate subscription for an analogue landline number from Orange/France Telecom. Effectively the line to your house gives you internet and phone (internet voip) access - using a normal phone handset - not your computer!

For example - I used to be with Orange / France Telecom (spit!) and changed over to SFR for my internet, phone and TV - retaining my original landline number. When I changed from Orange, SFR asked me if I wanted to retain my analogue landline facility (i.e. in case my ADSL line went down) - I said no. So my analogue Orange / France Telecom phone number became my SFR (ADSL) phone number. No noticeable change except a huge reduction in my overall bill.

There are many thousands of folks out there paying Orange / France Telecom for an analogue landline they simply do not need when they have a full ADSL (etc) package. A great big rip-off.

The landline number comes with the connection which I have to have for Internet access. The fixed phone is convenient because It can be used without disturbing the person who is using the computer. I like a big screen for browsing the Internet, but I don't need that to make a phone call.
What would it cost me to have unlimited Internet access plus calls from a Mobile provider?

Yes Mike - the cheapest monthly landline only cost is nearly 18€. But ....why would you want a fixed line number anyway? What do you do for internet now?

Just get one of the other guys e.g. Free, SFR, Bouygues, Virgin (or even Orange!) etc to take over the number including internet (ADSL, VDSL, Fibre etc) i.e. your fixed line number becomes your internet (voip) number.

Essentially, if you have internet access you don't need a 'landline' number as well

Not quite with you there Simon. We have an old mobile phone, but only for emergencies. So that costs us 2€ a month. Would a contract for 3G be cheaper than our landline connection?

Could depend on whether there is a "spare pair" in the cable that serves the neighbor's house. Otherwise they might have to install additional lines.
Not a great fan of Orange, but it does seem a bit hard that they have to provide the infrastructure so that other suppliers can make a profit.

It was in 2014. The service was excellent. I had been worried because the ‘appointment’ was for the morning and nobody had turned up by midday. The engineer arrived at about ten past twelve and worked through until the job was finished just before two.

Curious, 'not so long ago' was ?, as it is a totally different response from Orange to the one they gave me last year (June 2014).

Orange would not even talk about supplying a service until they were assured I had a connection. My house was connected to the pole across the road, with the wire coming into the house and then cut off. Apparently the former owner (1975 - 2013) never had a phone connected, but the owner before (pre 1975) did.

Anyway, after much discussion with Orange who continued to refused to recognise I had a line despite me sending photos of the pole and the line to the house, they finally sent an engineer who confirmed that yes I had a line, but that it wasn't connected to anything. I quickly had a phone socket connected, the engineer came back and agreed it worked, and Orange then 'allowed' me to buy a phone/Internet package off of them.

This year (August 2015) my (French) neighbour also wanted to be connected but was told that because he didn't have an existing line he would have to pay for it going under the road etc, etc. He was furious and as he had helped me sort my line out wasn't impressed with Orange at all. Instead he has signed up with the Nordnet wireless service (not satcom). However as I'm back in the UK I can't say whether or not its much good.

Not quite so Mike - you can choose to drop the Orange/France Telecom line rental altogether. I really don't understand those who continue to pay the Orange fixed line charge of over 200€ / year - 'just-in-case' they have no internet (voip) and/or mobile network for an odd few hours / days (unlikely). Obviously they have money to burn.....

Not so long ago I had a phone line connected to my house. I had just taken out an Orange Internet package with VOIP but the house had never been connected before. An engineer was sent out. He ran a wire from the pole outside my neighbour’s house to the pole outside my own then another to my house, through the wall and installed a phone point. He then set up and checked the Livebox. The total cost for the installation was €53.

with respect Dan this sounds a bit optomistic to me - or do you have direct personal experience of this approach succeding?



Spot on, which is exactly what my next door neighbour was told. yes he could have a line if he paid to have it run under the road to his house, again €'s in the hundreds was mentioned.

Apparently Orange will not fit any new lines above ground any more ???

No you wont, your supplier (Free) will deal with FT directly, just that it will take longer.

If I was you I would go to this website:

Put in your closest neighbours phone number and see what it offers.

it may not be simple if you have never had a phone line there before. My son's house has never had a phone line and he has been told by Orange that he needs a 'study' carried out at a cost of 118€ and if it is decided that a new pole is needed, this will cost 800€.