New pipe from Skimmer to pump

Our pool skimmer appears to have stopped working, and we can only assume that we have a blockage or the pipe has collasped/got crushed some how. Anyway we plan to relay new pipe work and I was wondering if we actually need to use special pool pipe or will the normal PVC drainage pipe do the same job (but at a fraction of the price), or do we need to spend the money on actual pool pipe? The second question when we have the pipe is do we need special specific glue to attached the pipes together or can we use normal PVC/plastic glue.

Any advice would gratefully be received.

Thank you.

Hi, I don't know whether you've started this work but I have a Company who specialises in detecting problems and repairing underground pipework, often without excavation. Let me know of its of interest


Hi Jane, if you're sure it's not just a loss of pump prime and the pump is working normally apart from this?

Domestic plumbing pipe is too thin to be burried and can crush easily, I wonder if someone has had that idea already and that is why you have a problem?

Pipe for burial should be 16 bar pressure pipe and it's not that much more for the job being done once. You can use PVC glue for rigid pipes but if you are using pool flex the the colle special for flex should be used (normally blue).

Magiline used the domestic pipe on an install against the Normes regulation and didn't want to come out and repair it even though it was only 6 weeks old so using big companies is no guarantee of good work as they cut corners to improve their profit margins.

On another pool I worked on domestic pipe had been used because it was plumbed by the local plumber, over winter the pipes shattered int shards of plastic so I had to replace the lot.