New requirement re Gite publicity

We do. Now using the big US brand name - VRBO. I don’t like them and am very happy if I get no bookings from them, but I stay with them to keep all the good reviews I’ve got plus they are a huge player (and I’m not going to other big platforms: AirBnB or
In fact they brought their fees down and made the structure much simpler.
And this last summer being on Homeaway was a godsend as I had business from Dutch and German guests that I wouldn’t have otherwise seen. The Dutch family found us through Howeaway and then came direct by tracking down our website. :grin:

We are on Google Earth and have found clients through that.
This is excellent because it costs nothing and you know that people really want to be in your area.

But what if they don’t know where they want to be? Or don’t mind where they are and just want to get away and like the look of your property? That certainly was our feeling with the people who came this last summer and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the same this year as our guests from the UK start to cancel again and we open up our calendar for European guests.

Perhaps they are to a certain extent self selecting?