New requirement re Gite publicity

New decret that came into force on 1st Jan, your adverts must say if you are an individual or a professional. ie LMNP or LMP. I have also linked useful givernment site which runs theough all the requirements of running a one or more gîte.

Décret n° 2020-1585 du 14 décembre 2020 relatif aux informations obligatoires pour toute offre de location en meublé de tourisme

L’article L. 324-2 du code du tourisme, dans sa rédaction issue du II de l’article 55 de la loi n° 2019-1461 du 27 décembre 2019 relative à l’engagement dans la vie locale et à la proximité de l’action publique, prévoit que toute offre de location meublée touristique doit préciser, dans des conditions définies par décret, si l’offre émane d’un particulier ou d’un professionnel au sens de l’article 155 du code général des impôts. Le présent décret précise cette obligation.

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How does that work with the likes of HomeAway etc?

Don’t people write their own descriptions? So presumably they just make it clear who and what owner is…

Thanks Jane, just followed this up on a gite owners forum and found it very easy to fill in the form online and printed it off and signed. I’ll take it into the Mairie in the morning.

@tim17 This is the useful paragraph:

Dans les villes qui l’ont décidé par délibération du Conseil municipal ou intercommunal compétent, toutes les locations touristiques, qu’il s’agisse de la résidence principale ou secondaire, devront disposer d’un numéro d’enregistrement à publier dans chaque annonce de location. Les plateformes intermédiaires de location (Airbnb, Abritel…) ont l’obligation de déconnecter chaque annonce qui ne contient pas de numéro d’enregistrement.

I’ll see tomorrow whether our commune is up to speed with this and whether they can give me a “numéro d’enregistrement” yet.

Presumably VRBO and Holiday France Direct should be getting in touch with me and asking me for my registration number and then I should have it on my own website and in my paperwork.

Therein lies the issue, many gites aren’t registered so it will interesting to see how the various advertising platforms handle this.

This may have an impact …

“Sanctions encourues : le loueur qui n’a pas demandé de numéro d’enregistrement est passible d’une amende civile dont le montant ne peut excéder 5 000 €”

Dans les villes “qui l’ont décidé” par délibération du Conseil municipal ou intercommunal compétent, toutes les locations touristiques, qu’il s’agisse de la résidence principale ou secondaire, devront disposer d’un numéro.
I just copied this from the link and it infers i think that all villages dont give à number.
Im thé only meuble de tourism in my village and have been registered at thé Marié for years. I Will go and ask again but last time i asked they wernt giving numbers.

That’s the déclaration simple, which is has to be done everywhere. It’s just some places now where you have the enregistrement as well.

The VRBO portal (formerly HomeAway) has over 500K listings for France so it would be a mammoth job to ensure each and everyone is registered which I assume is the intention of the new decree.

Presumably they will just add another field to their database and send a reminder - they did that this last year for COVID practices.
It will be up to their owners to fill it in. And if they don’t? Who knows? No doubt in time we’ll find out.

Good morning, does anybody happen to know if there is a list of communes that require a numero d’enregistrement. Thanks

It’s not the commune requiring this Nick but French central government. I’m sure it’s because they are hoping to clamp down on unregistered gites who at the moment are not paying taxe de sejour.
It’s more a question that the communes are required to register their local gites.

Thanks Sue, it’s just that this bit seems to say it doesn’t apply to all communes. It’s a bit confusing and I’m easily confused.

" Il convient de préciser que le décret n’a pas une portée générale. La procédure du numéro d’enregistrement ne s’applique que dans les communes ayant préalablement adopté un règlement relatif au changement d’usage (cf. ci-après), au regard du constat d’une pénurie de logements dédiés à l’habitat permanent ou d’une tension sur ce marché."

Hi Nick, you’ve read it more carefully than I have! So I think you are far from confused. I’m wondering now whether just to let sleeping dogs lie. I haven’t had time to get to the Mairie yet and we are such a small commune with very few gites it may well not be an issue. I might drop our Tourist Board an email. Surprisingly, they are quite good at responding.

I’ll do the same with ours although, unsurprisingly, I don’t expect a reply from an email. Please can you let me know if any response? Thanks

Will do.

I think this concerns more the big cities (Paris, Lyon, Nice, Marseille, …) that already have an obligation for the Airbnb type of hosts to register their apartment. I’m sure rural communes won’t bother.

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Yes that’s my view too Krister.

Does anyone use HomeAway nowadays?
They charge customers extra for insurance that in many cases they will find it impossible to use.
As we all know, you have to have a very good rapport with your plumber, etc. to get them to come out, so what chance does a, perhaps, non-French speaking holiday maker stand?
They hold onto your money until the guests have arrived and then charge you 3% for the privelege of paying into your bank account.

I think perhaps it means that, like us, who live attached to our gite, by our barn, we are only allowed to let for 120 days, so we are already under strict regulation.