New scam - Watch out

I’ve just had a call from supposedly Orange Service Technique who said there were problems on my phone line and asked me to call 00 26 13 24 82 22 07. I pointed out that it was an overseas number and while she was on the line checked which country. This is a Bhutanese phone line!! Don’t be taken in. She of course told me my line would go down and then there’d be nothing I could do. Watch out!


Thanks for the warning, but was the call to your landline, or mobile?

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It was my landline. Sorry for not being clear!

I only asked because the warning is not necessary for me, I never ever answer the landline and only look at it (I don’t hear it because it is deliberately far away in another room) to see if someone I know has called and needs a call back. Very rare, because people I might want to speak to know this and avoid ringing it. :smiley:

But thanks for the warning anyway. :smiley:


These days we NEVER pick up a call to our landline that we don’t recognise. Best way to avoid all the scams/nuisance calls. If the call is bona fide they will leave a message.

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We’re the same, if it’s someone we know it says thier name.

We haven’t had a landline in years and years.

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Mine is tangled up with the internt I think.

I’ve got it with my Livebox 6, fibre and 2 mobiles so it was all a package…

Yes, but you don’t need to actually plug a handset into it. I haven’t used a landline phone in years.

Ah, so you’re one of those lucky people who can get a cell phone signal without hanging out of a third storey window and waving the phone around!


Not particularly, mostly it’s WhatsApp calls over wi-fi and I don’t get very many incoming telephone calls that I would be concerned about missing. I do realise that doesn’t work for everyone though.

We haven’t had a phone line since I bought the farm 6 years ago, mobiles or 4 or 5g internet.
I will have a look at fibre once others have tested it out around here.

I have never had fibre or broadband, and last had a landline around 1992 that I never used as my employer handed out mobile phones in about 1987.

Even though Orange speed round here isn’t amazing it’s useable including for streaming and video and they’re now the only game in town. The ADSL speed is so bad it would almost certainly be unuseable.

I’ve been very lucky to have been able to do everything via air mobile for that long in both UK and France. Though I have had some nasty moments when I was forced to change network several times last year due to unannounced withdrawal of signal by other French networks.

I would have done my best to avoid that. I noticed that in the year or so before retired that some of the drivers, and those of other firms, were given them and they were expected to carry them at all times. I had a fixed cabphone and in the evening, off duty, I never took my mobile into the resto. I noticed with some amusement, but also some irritation that, in the middle of a meal drivers would get up and rush outside while talking urgently to their boss.

I always thought that to Frenchmen, and women, meal time was sacrosanct, but often I felt more French than them. :rofl:

And me, I unplugged the land-line cable from phone. No phone ringing.

We had a lovely driver for our two weeks in Jordan some years ago. His phone would play the Godfather theme periodically. “Your boss?” I asked. He laughed. His girlfriend ring was Tom Jones “What’s New Pussycat!”