New School Year - financial help etc

Its the kids that suffer where the problem lies. As I said, several times over the years in the collège where he teaches, my boy has had pupils who have no cahiers/stylos/loose paper sheets and classeurs etc and because he knows the history of the family and how they treat thesepayments for their own use, he has felt for the kids and bought them bits and pieces himself just so they don’t feel picked upon by their peers and there are some right little b***gers there, some already expelled for stabbing and attacking others and teachers, watching porn on mobile phones that are supposed to be turned off and on and on and on. Being in the city for many pupils is a far cry from the suburban and rural collèges.

I teach in lycée and occasionally buy stuff for my pupils, sometimes I get the fonds social involved if it is a lot of money. Usually if parents aren’t doing their job I get them in and we have a chat, possibly with the assistante sociale. Parents need to be made responsible but struggling parents need help.